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Well, I'm back from vacation. It was possibly the best vacation I've been on, barring the fact that my brother annoyed the hell out of everyone at all times. I promised Richard I'd draw some comics of our adventures so expect something along those lines sometime in the nearish future from me.


Went to Ohio

Visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Drooled over John Lennon's glasses

Got lost in Cleveland

Ate way too much fast food

Got bit on the ass by a tame deer at a petting zoo

Visited the Toledo Zoo and watched a hippo consume it's own feces (fun!)

Went to a Merry-Go-Round museum and rode the Carousel (wee!)

Rode through Michigan in order to go to Detroit so that we could visit Canada

Got harrassed by Canadian Customs

Got lost in Canada

Got harrassed by U.S. Customs

Went to see Marci X

Took photos of anything and everything

Went to Cedar Point, the best place on Earth!

Rode ten coasters in two days

Rode Millenium Force (I can die happy now)

Went to Gravity Hill, PA...which was more like Gravity Miniscule Incline Located In The Backwoods Mountains If I Hear A Bango I'm Outta Here, PA

Was never more glad to be back home (and away from my brother)

Ah, so many great memories. *sigh* Goodtimes. :)

Oh, by the by, I'll be moving over to lj because Anne has so I must follow. Or something. ^_^
Here's the link.

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Work was ok yesterday. I bought a new hat. Go me.

After work I hung out with Richard and Greg at Greg's place. He cracks me up. I told Richard that Greg is like a one man party, where ever Greg is, there's sure to be a party. Or at least a lot of drama. *g*

I stayed out pretty late last night (what was it, one thirty or something?) so I slept in this morning (well, not really, I was up at eight) and missed going shopping with my mom. I watched the VMA's that Shane had recorded. I was impressed by Coldplay. They sound great live. But, damn my mom. I wanted to go shopping. That ho. She slept in all late and stuff. I went to bed later than her. She's more lazy than I am. That pisses me off. I really want to go shopping and get some bargains but nooooo, stupid wench. Whatever.

Jason's supposed to be calling me soon. We're going over his cousin's house for food. She's a vegetarian, but I'm telling ya, they better have some dead meat or I'm throwing a fit and coming home. (Well, not really.) I really really really don't want to go. I don't want to go and be social with those people. Especially since I'm still kinda pissed at Jason because he doesn't realize how much he hurt my feelings the other night. Uncaring bastard.

I have so much to do to get ready for the trip and I have hardly any time. Wah. I hope we're not out long today. *grumbles about stupid family get togethers* I fucking hate holidays. I really do.


My brother is on my last fucking nerve. Seriously.

My friends and I planned this whole trip and made all the arrangements and everything. Then Shane gets pissed cuz we planned it without him and invites himself along for the ride because 'it was his idea'. Yeah....last fucking year it was his idea and we never went because he's a lazy ass and never makes any plans. So, we said fuck him and made our own plans. I'm trying to get some things together for the trip and he's just getting on my nerves. He won't lift a finger to help with anything! He just expects us to do everything while he sits on his duff. Well, fuck him. We're doing what we want on this trip and if he doesn't like it then we can drop his off on the side of the road somewhere. Fucking leech.

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