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Sometimes things really piss me off.

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Richard...damn you. I'm addicted to 'Two Weeks Notice'. I can't stop listening to it. It's just so damn chipper. Wee! Tell Ken the part with the missing pens cracks me up.

Anywho, on to other things.

Work...let's not even go there. ^^;;; (By the by, Mee-imouto, I think you're correct. I've been working way too hard lately. Thank goodness I have vacation time coming up.)

Something out of the ordinary happened to me today. I was checking my email and there was this email from this girl that said she really liked my writing. (Well, she said a whole bunch of stuff but it boiled down to that. ) I was kinda surprised because I don't really consider myself a great writer, only average. I mean, I can tell a story adequetly enough but I don't really have a good style of writing that marks a story as my own. There's just so many things that I want to improve about my writing skills, I guess. But of course, practice makes..well, not perfect but a lot better than before. ^_^

I'm really looking forward to photographing the band. I'm thinking of all kinds of interesting things I could do to make intersting shots. I can't wait for Saturday. Hopefully everything will go as planned.

Hrm. Well, I'm off before I start ranting about the hell that is Sears Eastpoint again.

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Work was pretty ok today, I guess. Or maybe I'm just too tired to bitch about anything.

Talked to Richard yesterday. The band has a little website now with a couple of songs on it.
Here's the link. I notice a distinct Talking Heads influence. Hee. I like. Wee, music. Also, I might be going to photograph the band this weekend. I'm kinda excited about that because I want to use my new camera.

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Well, I ended up coming home from work about an hour early yesterday because I wasn't feeling well. I was lightheaded and kept feeling like I was going to get sick but I think it was in part due to the heat and in part due to the fact that I didn't eat any real food. (I don't think a vanilla milkshake and beef jerky qualify as 'meal' material.)


I'm getting ready to leave for work again. Only a six hour day today. Woo-hoo. Yippie skippy. (that was sarcasm, folks)

At least I have plenty of coverage in the department today so that I can get some things done. I think I'll work in Home fashions all day. There's plenty of things that need to get done over there. Plus Joyce works today and she can help me. Plus Jonathan was getting on my nerves about HF yesterday. 'Why are these blankets on the aisle, it's July for pete's sake! Why are these bedspreads on the aisle? Do you actually sell any of this crap? Where are your exceptional value sheets? They should sell real well, you should put them on the aisle. What's up with these pillow bins? This is a waste of space.' Grrrrr. Shut the fuck up. If you wanna do my job, come and do it asshole. Otherwise, get the hell off of my back. Like I'm going to move the whole dept. around on a whim. Not like he doesn't have a lot of valid points but a) I hardly ever have the chance to work over in HF b) I can't very well go moving stuff like that around without discussing it with the ISM team first. Goodness knows I don't want to be stepping on thier toes. I'll never hear the end of it. *sigh*

High-Ho, High-Ho.....

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Figured I'd do a quick post before heading off to work for the day. (waaaah! i don't wanna go!)

Awhile ago Jason had discovered this Japanese movie called Battle Royale that he wanted to see. I downloaded it for him but he bought it, along with two other movies, off of ebay anyway. Battle Royale was weird but I liked it anyway, in part because of the weirdness.

Anywho, Jason let me borrow the other movies he got and I watched one this morning. It's called Suicide Circle. Now, when Jason lent it to me he said it's the kind of movie that at the end of it you go, 'WTF???'. Then he said he's beginning to realize a lot of Japanese movies are like that, to which I said most of the ones (those being strange horror movies) I've seen have been. Well, let me tell you, 'WTF???' is an understatement for this movie. It's got some great blood and gore, if you're into those things. It manages to make suicide seem dreadfully awful yet happy at the same time...don't ask me how it just does. It's quite possible one of the most fucked up things I've ever seen. Even more fucked up than Battle Royale. Hmm. I can't decide if I liked it or not.

Bleh. Gotta go to work in a few minutes. I really really really don't want to go. I need a fucking vacation dammit. *cries* I'm going to have a meltdown soon, I know it. I had to fight the urge to call out sick today and spend the day vegging around the house instead. Maggie, our temp OM, had a freak out session the second morning of inventory and Keith wound up sending her home early. I think she was having some sort of stress induced panic attack. Dammit, I've been working just as much as her. I deserve to have a stress induced panic attack and get sent home! Er..not that that would be a good thing but at least I'd get out of work for the day. WAAAH! I don't wanna go!!!!! I really don't. And next week we're supposed to be getting a visit from our new District manager so Keith wants everything to look great so that we can make a good impression and I don't have another day off until next Friday and I don't think I can take this anymore because it's one thing after another that's going on and I need some time off before I freak the fuck out and totally go berserk and have a mental meltdown like Maggie did right in front of everyone! *breathes*


There. That seemed to help a bit.

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Finally, a day off! If I was at all atheletic I'd be doing cartwheels right now but since I'm not I'll just settle for a whoop whoop.

Mom and I went to see Pirates this morning. Wee. It was my second time seeing it and gosh how I love that movie. Not only is it an entertaining little flick, but Johnny Depp is hot. Even all dirty and with a nasty looking like a bird's nest hair do...yeah, he's still got it. Plus, he's so hilarious the way he plays the character, it's worth going to see it just for that. Mmmm.

Anywho, we had a good time. Then we stopped at BK on the way home and got chicken club sandwiches cuz I am SO addicted to them. Dammit, I keep saying I'm going to go on a diet but it never seems to happen. ^^;;

Getting excited about Otakon. I can't believe it's only two weeks away. Wee.

I went to my savings bank and deposited all my loose change I had saved up and rolled the other day. I'm actually beginning to get quite a little nest egg. Now, if only I can get these last couple credit cards paid off I'd feel much better. It'll happen. I just worry because I have so much stuff coming up in the second half of the year that I'll probably spend lots of money on; Otakon, tirp to Cedar Point, bro's b-day, Mom's b-day, Jason's b-day, Christmas. Gah. Oh well. Maybe I'll just cheap out and not get anyone anything this year. I really should start buying presents now. I know it seems crazy but this is the time. Everything is on clearance really cheap...hmm. Yeah, add shopping to my list of things to do.

Which reminds me, I need to go shopping for myself. The new barbies have started coming out and I have to get them. Rawr.

I took the Cheech outside in the back yard and attempted to photograph him but he hates the camera pointing at him so it was really hard. Darn uncooperative subjects. I'll probably post some of the pic's up at
deviantart later.

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Damn. And I thought I was tired yesterday...

Only got about four hours of sleep last night cuz I was so tired I had a major headache which in turn kept me from falling asleep. ^^;;;

The first day of inventory went pretty smoothly though. They finished the entire stockroom and all of the women's dept. So really the only dept. they have left to do of mine is Home Fashions. Wee. Of course, I'll probably end up staying til whenever tomorrow because, hell, it's overtime. Hee. Yay. I worked ten hours today so I'm already up to thirty hours for the week and I still have two more days to work. Yes! Money for the con. And also for the trip to Cedar Point.

I downloaded a bunch of punk covers of songs yesterday when I got home. Most of them are pretty good. I especially like the one of Bye Bye Bye. I forget which group it is though. ^^;;; Well, as tired as I am I can barely think straight anyway.

Guess I'll go before I collapse onto the keyboard...

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I'm. So. Tired.

You know, I just realized a couple of days ago that not only am I working twelve straight days with overtime but then I only have one day off and then I work six days in a row again because it's my weekend to work this weekend. *cries* WAH!

Inventory starts tomorrow. I have to be at work by six in the morning. I'm usually up til two so...yeah. ^^;;; But, two days and it'll all be over. *sigh* I hope things go ok. I don't wanna get up six! *whines*

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I'm feeling off somehow. I don't know if it's depression or just pure exhaustion from lack of sleep and overwork. *sigh*

I watched a cute romantic movie on ABC family. It had Patrick Dempsey in it so I guess that's why I watched it. I've had a bit of a crush on him since the eighties. ^^;;;

I think I'm just really tired. My body wants to sleep but I don't want to sleep. There's so much I have to do...I don't have time to sleep. Wah!

And, I think some of the people that work in the stockroom at work are mad at me. Everyone says not to take it personally but I can't help it. I feel awful when people are mad at me. Maybe that's why I'm feeling so miserable.

I feel restless too. Like there's something in the back of my head that wants to get out...some idea or something, but I'm too tired to remember what it is.


Last night I was going to go to sleep early but I was flipping channels and caught the very end of Gone With the Wind. God how I love that movie. Scarlett is such a bitch to Rhett, I always wondered how he could stand her for so long. I almost feel bad for her at the end but really she was lucky he put up with her crap for that long. One day I'm really going to have to sit down and read the book. One of my friends said it's really good.

Anywho, after that was over there was some Bette Davis movie on TCM. It was 1939 night or something and they were playing movies that were made that year. So, I like Bette Davis and decided to watch that movie. It was called The Old Maid. It was good. I love old movies. They don't make them like that anymore. The acting was so totally different than how acting is now days. And the stories so different. This movie took place during the civil war. Bette Davis played a woman that was in love with her cousin's old beau. Well, apparently he had left her cousin without a trace for two years, the cousin moved on and on her wedding day the beau returns and is of course crushed when he finds out that she's marrying someone else. Bette Davis' character, Charlotte, decides to go after him and then, after they spend the night together, he leaves for the war where he later dies. She has his illegitimate daughter in secret and hides her identitiy by running a home for war orphans. Well, later she's engaged to the cousin's husband's brother. The cousin finds out about the child and they are afraid to tell her fiance because it would be a huge scandel. Well, basically Charlotte and her daughter move in with her cousin and her children where she is raised as a foundling. She sees the cousin as a mother and calls her real mother Aunt Charlotte, never knowing the truth. The end of it was really bittersweet. I was all crying at two in the morning watching it.

*sigh* I need a life.

Maybe I'll actually go to bed early if there's nothing interesting on tv.

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I'm exhausted, but I guess that's to be expected at one a.m.

Work was tiring today. Soon as I got there Keith asked to see me in Maggie's office. They told me that since I'm such a good worker and there's so much that needs to be done they'll allow me to have overtime for this week and next week because of inventory. They said I'm the only one allowed to have overtime and so I can't let anyone else know because really NO ONE is EVER supposed to have overtime. I told Keith I wished he would have told me that yesterday because then I would have stayed longer than four and a half hours. ^^;;;

So, my last day off was Saturday and my next day off will probably be next Friday. This Friday and Sunday are supposed to be off days for me but now I'm going to be working. Oh well, at least I get paid time and a half. Lord knows I could use the money.

I keep droning on and on about work but there's really not much else going on for me right now. Just work work and more friggin work.

I had some clutz attacks when I was working in the stockroom the last two days. I almost fell off of a ladder, I ran over my foot with a rolling rack full of clothes, I nearly twisted my ankle three times and I sliced open my finger with a pair of scissors. All in all, not too shabby. At least I haven't seriously injured myself yet.

I felt a little tickle in my throat this morning. I hope I'm not getting sick. I can't afford to be sick right now. I have too much stuff going on.

Before work today I fiddled around with my new camera. I took a couple pictures of my cat Cheech but he got camera shy after the first shot and kept turning away from me so it was hard to get more shots in. Damn him. He's such a spoiled brat.

My mom told me that Dad was talking about getting more cats. He said something about getting two little brothers for Cheech to play with, because you can't just buy one cat apparently. *rolls eyes* Mom pointed out to Dad that getting two new cats probably wouldn't be a good idea. Cheech is hard to get along with (Serena and him barely tolerated each other) and he also loves to get attention so he'd probably flip out if we got new cats and he suddenly wasn't in the center of it all anymore. Ah well. I can't really think about getting new cats right now anyway. I'm still missing my Rena Bean. I was thinking this morning that I'd make a picture album of her to remember her by. I have so many pictures of her after all, I might as well do something with them.

Oh, and before I forget, I found out tonight from Greg that my brother has been using my AIM screen name to mess with some of my friends. I know he messed with you, Richard, but I don't know for sure who else he's been messing with. I haven't been on AIM a lot lately so if I have IM'ed you within the past week it wasn't me but that buttlicker of a brother I have. Just wait til the next time I see him...*growls* He is in for a major ass whoopin'.

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Went to work for four and a half hours this morning. I feel like I got a lot done but there is still so much more that I have to do before next Wednesday and today I got volunteered to do even more. I don't know why but Maggie asked me to be in charge of pre-inventorying the fashions that are stored in the ceiling in the stockroom. They are all Men's and Children's fashions and last time I checked Karen was in charge of that area, not I. Hmm. And even though Latoya is here this year (last year she was out on maternity leave) I'm still getting stuck doing everything. Honestly, I don't think she's done a damn thing. She said I have to draw the maps and that's not fair dammit. Last year I got stuck doing every damn thing because she wasn't there and even though she's here now I still get stuck doing everything. Oh well. At least the store manager sees how hard of a worker I am. It will pay off in the end. I hope.

Right now I'm watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bravo. Heh. Its so funny. I love gay men. They are like Pokemon to me, I want to collect them all. Of course, I wouldn't want to live with a gay man. So much drama. But I do so find them amusing. Oh my God. This show is so funny. I keep cackling. And anyone that knows me, knows the force of my cackle.


Gah. There's so much stuff I have to do around here. I need more time and more motivation. Or just more motivation. Or even just a little bit of motivation. Yeah.

I'm excited because the trip to Cedar Point is actually going to happen this year. Greg is going to make hotel reservations. It was funny because he kept trying to insist we get the room with the king size bed and the hot tub instead of the room with two full size beds. I pointed out that since we know at least three of us (Greg, Richard and I) are going then it might be a good idea to have a little bit more bed space. *rolls eyes* We're going to have a lot of fun, though. Sixteen rollercoasters, plus other rides. Antiquing. Shopping. Visiting museums. Going swimming. Wee. I can't wait. Only two months. Two very little months. Short months. Yup.

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*hugs Sakura and eve-kun* Thanks you guys. Much love to ya.

I'm feeling much better about Serena. I think that kind of pain never goes away, it just lessens over time. It's still pretty fresh but I'm trying not to think about it so much.

I was so busy this past weekend. Jason and I hung out for almost three straight days. We went to two movies, bought my camera, watched the entire first season of Strangers With Candy (his idea, not mine...although I must confess I found the stupidity of the show rather amusing, which I think is the whole point of it...), went to see a minor league baseball game and went out to eat a couple of times. Plus, I somehow managed to squeeze in reading a book inbetween all of that and a five hour shift at work Sunday night from six to eleven.

Ok, so really I cheated because last night I never went to bed when I came home from work and instead stayed up all night reading. I finished the book at five this morning just as my father's alarm clock was going off. Good thing I worked a night shift tonight. Actually, I didn't manage to get more than a couple hours of sleep so I really don't know why I haven't collapsed from sheer exhaustion yet. Tomorrow I go in for a four hour shift in the morning. So, I guess I can catch up on my sleep in the afternoon. Heh.

Work has been sucky. Everyone is freaking out because inventory is next week and we are no where near ready for it. Gah. So we are all working our asses off to get things up to par. Even though I'm working forty hours this week I only managed to get one day off. I hate that. I want more days off. Wah.

That's ok, I have time off coming up next month for Otakon. Wee!

Oh, and Rob managed to screw up my days off anyway. I wanted to use all five of my days off as vacation hours thus I'd have off nine days in a row but he only used two vacation days and so I only really got off five days in a row for Otakon week. But that's ok because I added the other three days to my vacation in September. So, let's see...that's eight vacation days plus four normal days off...thats twelve days off in a row. That's almost two whole weeks. Woo-hoo! Party time!

*sigh* I can't wait for September. *purr*

*collapses from exhaustion*

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Work is driving me insane again. It's really starting to get to me. I wanted to quit so bad yesterday...and then I remembered that I need money. Dammit. I really need the money fairy to pay me a visit so I don't have to work anymore.

Mom and I went out shopping today. Well, after we laid around for a while watchin t.v. of course. XD I'm going to attempt to do highlights in my hair in a little while. Wish me luck.

We got a sympathy card in the mail from the vets today. The doctor wrote a little note in there and as I read it I started tearing up again. Sometimes I think about her and I cry but that's ok, it's only natural. Besides, sometimes it feels good to cry. Cheech, our other cat, has been sniffing around the places where Serena used to lay. I guess he's just figuring out that she's not around anymore and he's wondering where she went. Or maybe he just likes sniffing. Who knows?

Gah. I'm making myself all depressed again.

Jason and I are supposed to go see Pirates of the Carribbean tonight. Yay. I love pirates. XD

Mee-imouto, thanks for the hugs. I know she's in a better place and all. It's just that it's not easy to say goodbye sometimes. *hugs*

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I had to get Serena put to sleep today. I think it's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do; to decide to put her out of her misery.

Mom woke me up early and we got ready and went up to the vets. I held Serena on my lap the whole way. She didn't try to get away at all which was sad for me because she hated to be held, she used to struggle against it. Once at the vets we had to wait for about forty minutes or so before they could fit us in. It was horrible, the waiting. I couldn't stand it. I gave the cat to my mom and turned away from them. I had been crying since we left the house. I couldn't seem to stop the flow of tears from my eyes no matter how hard I tried. When we finally got in to the exam room a guy asked us questions then told us the doctor would be right in. Another twenty minutes later the vet came in. He examined her and then took her away for x-rays. About a half an hour later he came back and showed us the results. She had cancer that had spread to her lungs. There was nothing they could do. Mom and I burst into tears and the doctor asked us if we wanted to be with her when she was put down but we couldn't do it. I couldn't even bring myself to say goodbye and I feel a little guilty for that. The whole time she was with us while we had been waiting for the doctor she was just laying there purring and she would look at me and then my mom and she had that happy look on her little cat face....

I signed the paper and then we went to pay the bill and leave. When I got home I called out of work for the day. I feel like a mess. I can't stop crying. I think a lot of it is guilt because I knew that she probably had cancer a long time ago but I didn't take her to the vets. I had felt the little lumps on her underside. But what can a vet do for a cat with cancer? I'm sure the treatment is very expensive and it would have just made her more sick anyway. I think we did the right thing. But I can't help feeling like I should have spent more time with her. It was so hard to take her up there knowing that she probably wasn't coming back. But she didn't know that. She was just a cat. And she trusted us to take care of her and it just feels wrong somehow. She was a part of our family for fifteen years and I just feel like she deserved more.

I'm crying so much I've given myself a headache.

My boss called me and asked if I'd at least come in for a couple of hours tonight so that she's not closing the store by herself. So I said ok. I feel like people are going to think I'm stupid for calling out for this but I can't help it. I think I just need time.

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I might have to get my kitty cat put to sleep tomorrow.

I'm upset, but not as much as I thought I would be. I mean, she's old and has been losing weight lately and I could kinda tell that she hasn't been herself. It happens. Mom said she spent the whole day in the basement today and didn't even come up for food. If anything, Serena LIVES for food. So, I know it's time.

I went down to see her and picked her up. I don't even think she weighs a pound. Poor thing could barely purr. So, I told Mom to see how much it will cost to get her put to sleep and maybe we'll take her in tomorrow before I have to go to work. Dad got really pissed and said, "Don't start making any plans! Give her a chance at least!" I got pissed back. I mean, I'm not going to let her suffer just because Dad doesn't want to let go. He always gets so attached to our pets and I think it's really hard for him. It's hard for me too, but I guess I'm better at accepting the inevitable. *sigh*

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Rawr! I'm tired. XD

Yesterday Jason picked me up a little bit after I got off of work. We went to Burger King (because I love thier chicken club sandwiches...yummy) and then to the movies. There wasn't much I wanted to see that I hadn't already seen. So, I pleaded and begged and talked him into seeing 28 days later. He doesn't like watching scary movies because he's afraid of when things jump out and make you jump. But, he's such a nice boyfriend that he agreed to watch it with me anyway. Yay.

It was a lot different than I thought it would be, yet it was exactly what I was hoping for. It was more than just a mindless horror movie. It had a kind of Lord of the Flies vibe to it in the way that it showed human nature. I really really liked it. Plus, I really liked the main guy in it. I can't help it, I found him attractive. Even in the beginning when he was all scruffy and his hair was all fucked and stuff. *sighs* I'm hopeless. ^_^

So, after the movie I spent the night at J's. Neither one of us could get to sleep at first, though. I kept having visions of zombies hovering over the bed and then I had a nightmare about them. This morning J told me that he also had a nightmare about zombies. Next time we go see a zombie movie I think we'll go earlier in the day. ^_^;;;;

I spent the whole day with J today. We went shopping around for a digital camera and I also picked up a new outfit. Weee. I love shopping. I tried on a bunch of hats and there was this one that looked really good on me but I don't know if I have anything that I would wear it with so I didn't get it. Ah well. After shopping we went back to his house and had dinner. Then we walked up to see the Dundalk Fireworks. They put on an awesome show. We were sitting right under them. It was really beautiful. His mom had given us some spray Off! to keep the mosquitos away but it must have had something in it that beetles find attractive because they kept attacking us. Huge ones too! One almost flew up my nose and I hit it away really hard and the damn thing came back and tried to get down my shirt! They kept getting in my hair and stuff. It was nasty. I still feel like I have bugs crawling on me. Yuck.

There were tons of people setting off fireworks. More than I ever remember seeing. Ah, what a holiday. Stupid people + alcohol + explosives = a damn good time. XD

Jason just brought me home a little while ago. I volunteered to go into work tomorrow morning for a bit to help set up the stuff in the mall. I may or may not go. Then it's off to my Aunt Glenda's to party away with the family. Hopefully it will be nice and I can play volleyball. It's about the only sport I'm somewhat good at. Sorta. Ah well.

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Gah. I'm so tired.

Work completely wore me out today. Latoya and I worked all day rearranging the plus sized women's department. It was a lot of work for two people. Plus, we kept getting interrupted by people calling for managers all night. Gah. My legs hurt, my feet hurt...basically my whole body aches. Moving all those racks and fixtures and thousands of clothes....*eyes go swirly*...too ...much ...*collapses* And we still didn't get it all finished. Wah. I have so much crap to do tomorrow. *cries*

I pulled a classic Lisa Clutz Attack (tm) at work. As we were closing I was straigtening up the costume jewelry and I bent down to get some things that had fallen in between the fixtures and almost poked my eye out. One of the little hook thingies stabbed right through my glasses and popped the lens out. Then I was freaking out because I couldn't see right to find the lens. Luckily, Daya was right around the corner and she came over and found my lens for me. After that I decided that I had had enough of that place for one day and retreated to the office.

*sigh* I am so looking forward to going to bed tonight. I'm even more looking forward to having off work Friday and Saturday. Yay.

On the way home from work my Mom was told me an amusing story. My Uncle Rick had stopped by tonight and told her about my step cousin Keri's wedding that took place this past Sunday. We didn't go because we're not really close with her. Besides, her mom and my uncle are getting divorced now anyway so it's sorta awkward. Anywho, on to the story. My uncle went with one of my aunts and they made it just in time to see Keri walk down the aisle. Later, at the reception he went outside to wait by the cars while my aunt pulled the car around so they could leave. Keri's new husband and his buddies were apparently out there getting high and stuff. My uncle left just as Keri and her mom were coming outside. Well, my cousin Tim (my Uncle Rick's son) filled his dad on what happened after he left. Apparently, Keri went into some kind of rage when she seen her husband and his buddies getting high and some sort of fight broke out in the parking lot. Someone got thrown into Keri's car's windsheild and busted it. Then the cops came. Also, Keri and her husband wound up not going on their honeymoon because of it. I was telling my cousin Dawn about it earlier and we were laughing. I know it's wrong to laugh but I can't help it. I mean, come on people, it doesn't get much more white trash than that. Heh. Don't know much more of the details but I have a feeling I'll be hearing all about it when the whole family gets together on Saturday at my Aunt Glenda's party.

Anne, if you're reading this, I hope you're feeling better. You really scared me today. I think you better go find another doctor cuz maybe the one you're seeing is a quack or something.

Mee-imouto: *huggles* I'm not really a detective, but part of my job is to watch out for suspicious behaviour like shoplifting and stuff. I'm ususally pretty good about catching people when they are stealing or trying to commit fraud though. Mainly because they give themselves away. Most of the criminals we get at our store are fairly dumb. ^_^

*waves to Charles* I know you are reading this dearling. ^_^

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Not much going on today, just the usual stuff. Work, work and more work.

Rob told me that I'm getting a 25$ gift card for catching a lady doing credit card fraud yesterday. Yay. I have mad detective skills, oh yeah. XD

I have off the fourth and the day after. Jason and I were going to go to Ocean City to watch the fireworks on the beach but they're all booked solid. Plus, we'd have to drive three hours to get back to Baltimore and go to my Aunt's party that afternoon and I know Jason would be all cranky and tired so it's for the best anyway. I have to see fireworks this year though. I'm making it my mission dammit. I want fireworks! Kaboom! Wee!


Speaking of the fourth, it was my grandfather's birthday. He died when I was nine but the thing I remember most about him is the awesome parties he used to throw. Especially on the fourth. He used to get all kinds of huge illegal fireworks. It was great. My mom said that she thinks he used to throw big parties and was good to us grandkids because he realized he was dying by then and he was trying to make up for some things in his life. I don't know if that's true or not because I hardly knew him at all. But, the stories I hear....of course, those were different times then.

I'm thinking about getting back into doing my Geneology again. I did some research before and found a bunch of people I'm related to on the net. It's kinda neat. Hmm.

Ok, I think that's enough random thoughts for the day.

Mee-imouto: *glomps back* Stephen King books can be scary. I think that's why I love them. I think the scariest book I've ever read is The Shining. Also, there's this short story he wrote about zombies taking over the world...*shivvers* Zombies are the scariest!

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Despite the hecticness of work, things have been going pretty well lately. Almost too well. I keep having this feeling that something is about to go horribly wrong. Gah. Let's hope I'm not psychic.

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This layout features Inuyasha, the (currently slightly grouchy) character from the series of the same name. Fonts are Velvet and Redensek, brushes are from Nocturna and Brushy. This layout was coded by Sophie for the Inuyasha marathon.

Inuyasha blog marathon:



~ethereal melody
~lucid dreaming
~omnikartera whamasu
~shameless name dropping
~stream of conscious
~w n p?

~in passing...

fave comics:

~never knew
~fate martyr sapheire


~best english ever
~mr. t vs escaflowne
~fly the copter



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