Infinitesimal version the second

Work seemed really short today. I guess mostly because I spent all damn day rearranging pantyhose. THAT was a pain in the arse. ^^;;;

I have a short day tomorrow as well. And then I have off, work Sat., have off Sun, work Mon. and Tues....then have off for SIX wonderful splendorific days! Muahahahaha! I'm so excited! The last time I had off for so long was...last year some time. Heh.

Anywho. Plans during time off include: a massive spring cleaning out of my room in which i will be getting rid of many a things that i don't really need anymore, a trip to the flea market with greg to sell all my junk (come and get it super cheap...hell, just take it cuz i don't want it anymore), writing, drawing, painting, reading, watching the rest of initial d, and all around doing whatever the hell i want to do. Weeeee! I can't wait!

Hmm. Jason just called me. He just got off the phone with his cousin Erin, the one that works for the Maryland Film Association. She's holding two tickets for us for the premiere of the film festival which starts tomorrow night at one of the old theaters downtown. J said that apparently John Waters is going to be there (he's such a weirdo, lol) and maybe John Travolta and Joaquim Pheonix might be making appearances since they are in town making a movie right now. Not that I am one to get star-struck, but that's kinda cool. Plus, and this is the clincher that made me want to go, they have all the free popcorn one can eat! Jackpot! Tee-hee. Man...what am I gonna wear?

Oh, and J said that on Friday they are having some kind of showing of short porn films in 3D. Not that I would go to that sort of thing. I just thought the idea of 3D porn was pretty funny. XD


eve-kun!!! Have a great trip! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! (that actually leaves a lot open....)

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Watching American Idol. Or rather I should say I'm *trying* to watch American Idol. My mom messed up the cable somehow while she was vacuuming earlier and it's coming in all crappy now. *grumbles*

Oh well. I did actually clean my room today. I even dusted. *gasp* I know, I know, it's quite a shock for me as well. XD

I didn't get to go to the park because Jason had to cut the grass when he got home from work. I'm talking to him right now on the phone. I wuuub him. <3<3<3

Tomorrow I have to take a cab to work, or walk, because the car is in the shop and my parents are too cheap to get a rental, damn them. It's thier fault anyway. Stupid stupid stupid. And I have to work 12-7 which is a shitty shift, but I can't complain too much since I am the one that made the schedule. *sigh*

Mee-imouto, my mom likes to watch anime with me. Well, not all anime of course, but some anime. She loves Escaflowne and Fushigi Yuugi. I made her watch the first episode of Wolf's Rain and I think she liked it, but it's hard to tell with her sometimes. ^^;;;

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My domain seemed to be experiencing some technical difficulties last night, but tis all better now. Apologies to anyone that was inconvenienced. *kicks yahoo*

It's soooo absolutely gorgeous outside. I want to go sit out there. I wish there was a decent park nearby. I need trees and wildlife and flowers dammit. Hmm, maybe I'll call Jason and we can go to Merrit Park when he gets home from work. It's not much, but at least there are trees. And ducks. And geese. And squirls. Although, they kinda attack you for food and that's not really fun.

I'm supposed to be cleaning my room today, so of course I am doing everything I can to avoid it. XD

I watched Spirited Away with Mom. She said it was weird. I called her a blasphemer and told her it's not weird but THE BEST MOVIE EVER. She'll understand after she watches it a few more times. Hee. (note to self: brainwash mother)

Well, I guess I had actually better clean my room. I keep putting it off. Of course, I think my vacation time is coming up next week so I could always wait til then...

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Work was busy today. And of course, I had to deal with stupid people yet again. *sigh*

My hours have been cut back a little this week. Not that I care. I'm actually happy to be working shorter shifts. Of course, I might end up having to spend all day hanging out there anyway since I might not have a ride since Mom has to put the car in the shop thanks to The Incident. Stuff like this always happens on the weeks when I work shorter shifts for some reason. Oh well. At least it will give me a chance to read some books. *chants* Glass is half full, glass is half full, glass is half full. XD

Oh, and think something is horribly wrong with my foot. A few days ago my heel started to hurt when I walked on it...I thought it may have been because I had worn my Sketchers the day before to work and I don't usually wear a shoe with any sort of heel (and it isn't even so much of a heel as it is an incline) on it for that long (mainly because I am the most uncooridinated person on Earth). Anywho, I went back to my flats and my heel was hurting. Then, I wore my Sketchers again on Sat. and I was fine. Today I wore the flats and my foot is sooooore dammit. And it's just the heel of my left foot. And I took a nice soothing hot bath a while ago and I swear I felt something move around in my heel after I got out. What exactly, I do not know. Nor do I really want to know. All I want is for my foot to stop hurting. I might actually have to go to the doctors, dammit. If I can get an appointment. And if I can get a ride. Gah. Why does it seem like everything happens at once?

Oh. Right.

Glass is half full. Glass is half full.

Ok, enough bitching. I did have a good day despite the stupid people and the foot problems. I found
this livejournal which has an amusing entry called, 'Missouri Driving Rules'. I don't think it's only Missouri, buddy. XD

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My mom called my uncle this morning and we found out that my cousin is going to be ok. She'll be in the hospital for a few more days and then she'll be home for several weeks recovering from the injuries to her back. Poor Steph. I feel bad for her. Mom said we'll go visit her next week when she's home.

Work was busy today. I had to deal with stupid customers. I hate stupid people. Especially stupid people that you try to explain things to and they just don't get what you're saying and keep arguing with you. Grr. I wish people had to get a liscence to have kids, that way stupid people wouldn't be able to breed. Of course, I may never have been born then...heh.

I'm so tired. Of course, I always am. I want to read a book, but I've torn through most of the books that I have laying around. I think I need to go to the bookstore. Recommendations anyone?

Ooooh, I was at the comp. store the other day and I saw the new's sweeeeeet! It's like....a billion times better than mine. *weeps* I want it. Squee. Or just one that has everything that the vaio has. *nod nod* So, I'm saving to buy a new puter and I'm gonna give this one to J's brother and J's brother will in turn buy me a super boss flat screen monitor. Yay. Of course, it will take me a lil while to save for the puter. Especially when I have to save for other things like Otakon. Ah well.

Richard, I tried to call you but you weren't home, I guess. I want to hear your stories. XD

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I was just talking to D on AIM and she told me that one of our little cousins (well, she's like...16 now, so she's not really that little) was in a bad car accident on Monday and that she's in the hospital and that she'll probably be in there for a little while. Apparently she has fractured vertabre and her ankle is messed up. D said that her mom told her that Steph would be alright though. I'm kinda pissed that no one called us to let us know. I don't even know which friggin hospital she's in cause D's mom didn't tell her. I have to find out. Maybe J and I can visit her on Friday. I feel so bad now.

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I just got home from work. I hate working night. The store was so slow tonight. I was very very bored. Gah.

Richard, I'm glad you had a good time. The police, eh? I definately have to hear that story. *nod nod* Unfortunately, this weekend is my weekend to work so I have to work Saturday and Sunday. I am off Friday but I sorta have plans with Jason to go see a movie that night. I'll probably give you a call Thursday night anyway. Oh, and I'm glad I'm not the only one that misses James Burke. And,
Connections is available on DVD. Alright! Woohoo! And actually I found this on ebay. Hrm. Maybe I should bid on it. Dammit. Now I'm on a James Burke kick. Ah well, I only have myself to blame. XD

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I'm kinda bored. I've been trying to fic, but it's just not happening.

So I sat around watching Discovery Channel instead. Well...after American Idol was over, of course. I am so friggin addicted to Discovery Channel and TLC and the History Channel, it's not even funny. Of course, they don't have as many cool shows on as they did when they first got
James Burke's Connections. I loved that show. It was so cool. I miss it because not only was it a show filled with useless knowledge that is only relevant on game shows such as Jeopardy, but it was a show that connected useless bits of knowledge to other useless bits of knowledge. Double dose! Squee!

Erm...I fear my dorkiness is taking over again. ^^;;;

Richard, I know you'll read this eventually. Hope you had a good time at the ocean. Did you have any luck picking up hot chicks? Did you get hammered? Wish I could have partied.

Anne, I hope you get your computer back soon. I miss you! *hugs*

Mee-imouto, I would say that I am probably like your friend, but then not like your friend. Although I personally am not into organized religion I don't feel there is anything wrong with it at all and I would never presume to tell someone that thier belief system was wrong.

Long rant on Lisa vs Religion ahead. Feel free to skip.

I grew up in a Christian family. My mom is Lutheran, my dad Catholic. I know my mom went to church when she was growing up, but I have no idea about my dad. Hell, I didn't even know he was Catholic until about five years ago, mainly because my parents have never attended church. Therefore we never attended church. *thinks* Actually, when I was growing up the only person in my entire family that I can recall going to church on a regular basis was one of my cousins. Only one...outta like...twenty. So, my experiences with organized religions have been very limited. I went to Lutheran church a couple of times with my cousin when I was very young and Catholic church with one of my friends a couple of times when I was in highschool. So, I guess I just grew up finding my own way and forming my own beliefs instead of having anyone teach their beliefs to me. Except for the no meat on Good Friday thing. When I was growning up we were never allowed to eat meat on Good Friday, which of course is a Catholic teaching. I never could figure that out because we weren't Catholic. Both my brother and I were christened Lutheran. Of course, once I found out my dad was Catholic it kinda made sense. But that didn't stop me from complaining about it. XD

In some ways I think organized religion can be a bad thing, but in a lot of ways it's a very good thing. My aunt and uncle were very bad alcoholics and drug addicts. They finally got themselves straight and a lot of that was due to friends and support from thier neighborhood church. They wound up getting clean and sober. My uncle is big into AA now and goes around and helps other alcoholics. My aunt has actually become an ordained minister of the church and she tutors kids after school. Their church is the only church that I was ever semi-comfortable in. I went to it a couple of times. It used to be in this tiny little corner house (my aunt and uncle live in a very bad neighborhood in the inner city) that was real run down. They helped to clean the neighborhood up and built a brand new building for the church. (Of course, the city has since torn down the projects and now the trash that was run out of the neighborhood is moving back in so...yeah. It kinda sucks. Everytime I go over there I'm a little bit scared because there are drug dealers standing across the street.) I went on a weekend camping trip with my aunt's church a couple of times as a chaperone for the kids. They have a campground in Pennsylvania that they use to take inner city kids up to so that they can experience that type of thing. When I was there with those children, some of which have really had hard lives, it made me feel good that I was there, being a part of something like that. And the kids were so nice. We hardly did anything religious except for on Sunday of course. But, the whole experience made me think that that's what church's ought to be about.

My boyfriend is Catholic. It's kinda a bone with me. I've always had this thing against the Catholic church for some reason (ok, it has a lot to do with history...and what is up with some of thier crazy rules? I just don't get it). J promised his mom he'd get married in a church. I was like, 'Well, I guess you're not marrying me then, cuz I am no way no how getting married by the Catholic Church.' Besides, I'd have to go to all those stupid classes and promise them my firstborn child or something. No way. But J's really one of those Catholics that only goes to church on Christmas and Easter. And really only then because his mom makes him. J's mom is really into church, though. But, if going to church makes her happy and makes her feel fulfilled and makes her feel closer to God, then I think thats wonderful. My only problem is that I think some people only go out of a sense of obligation. I had a friend in middle school tell me once that I was going to hell because I didn't go to church every Sunday. Then, years later when we were in highschool, she not only skipped going to church but lied to her father about it and used me as her alibi.

Then there are people like my brother who believe that what they believe is the absolute truth and will not hear any other opinion. And, not only that, but they try to force thier beliefs on you. My brother likes to believe he is very pious and he likes to pass judgement on everyone. He often tells me who he thinks is going to hell and whatnot. I used to argue with him but that often ended up degenerating into physical violence between us, so now I just walk away. He pisses me off anyway.

I guess the reason I consider myself more spiritual than religious is because even though I do read the bible and I do believe in God, I don't necessarily take everything in the bible at face value. I tend to interpret things in my own way. And some of it I choose not to believe at all.

I tend to be open minded though. One day I might have an experience that could change my mind about it all.

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I had a surprisingly good day. Yay me.

Dinner at Jason's was fun. I argued with his brother, Andy, about various things. I won all arguments, of course, because I am, to quote Andy, 'a fount of useless knowlege'. He is so much fun to argue with. XD

Jason got me hooked on Scare Tactics. I laughed my ass off watching people get scared. Heeee. Of course, if anyone ever did a trick like that on me, I'd kill 'em. *nod nod*

We also watched Discovery Channel's 'James: Brother of Jesus' and 'Spear of Jesus'. Tis a tradition for me to watch Jesus shows on Easter. I used to want to be an archeologist and biblical archeology has always interested me. Not that I'm a religious person. I would consider myself more spiritual than religious. I tend to shy away from organized religion; not because I find anything wrong with it (aside from all the damn rules), it's just that I can't fully commit to any one religion without having to comprimise at least one of my beliefs. So, if I can't fully commit to it, why should I make a half-ass attempt? To cover my butt so I don't end up in Hell? Heh. I figure God knows what's in my heart, anyway, and that's all that matters to me.

Anywho, we were watching all those shows and J and bonded while mocking the silly nature of mankind.

Me: Geez, what are they gonna find next?
J: ... Ooh, the bones of the sacred cow that was there in the manger when Jesus was born. The holy cow of the nativity!
Me: Hee. I can see it now, they'll be naming a church after it. 'Sacred Cow of the Nativity Church'.
J: Yeah, and as a test to prove how it was *the* cow they'll compare it to a model of the nativity.
Me: ....*cackles*

Oh well. I'll probably end up in Hell anyway. But at least most of my friends will be there with me. XD

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*tries to be enthusiastic* Yay. It's Easter. Whoop whoop.

At least I get to go over J's house for dinner. I wonder if his mom bought me a chocholate bunny this year? Yum. I hope so.

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You know....I really really really can't deal with this shit right now.

I had to get my boyfriend to pick me up from work because when I called home for a ride my brother told me that my parents had went out quite a while ago and were still not back. I said, 'They probably went to the bar.' Shane said, 'Mom said they were gonna start at the White Swan.' I said, 'Start? So apparently they are going to more than one bar....okaaay.' Anyway, I called Jason and he brought me home.

Two hours later (about a half an hour ago) Shane comes up to my room and starts raving about how he's really pissed because Mom and Dad are home and they didn't bring him any food and he's not taking the car out because Mom ripped the side mirror off backing it into the yard. Back up. Mom did what???

I went downstairs to assess the damage. Mom and Dad are sitting out on the back porch, Mom is holding an ice-pack to her forehead.

Me: What the hell happened to you?

Mom: ...I messed up.

I went to look at the car. The side mirror is completely torn off and the side of the car is all scratched up. I sighed, shook my head and then walked back up to my room. I called Jason and complained about my family. My brother came up and we talked about how pissed we were. Shane said Dad must've smacked Mom upside the head. He said Dad was crying and saying something about how he didn't mean to hit her and he loves her and blah blah blah. I can't really say anything to that. I want to smack them both for being the incredibly irresponsible fuck-ups that they've become. Really. I'm so tired of them going out and getting drunk all of the time. My mother is almost as bad as my father now. And it pisses me off because if it had been Shane or I that had done something like that we would get bitched out and then have to hear about it all of the time because they never let us forget when we make mistakes.

I'm so fucking pissed! *screams*

Shane and I are going to get food.

*is back*

Mom is *still* sitting there with that stupid ice-pack on her head. Good. I hope it hurts her.

On the way to get food Shane said that sometimes he wishes that Mom and Dad would just crash and kill themselves instead of bringing home all the shit to us. I feel guilty because sometimes I feel the same way. I love my parents, but I hate the things they do.

I don't know what else to say. I'm so disgusted with everything.

Except, dammit, I think I'm coming down with something. Been feeling strangely feverish all day and now I feel really hot. Don't know. Could just be my blood pressure. Lord knows I've had to deal with enough stress today. *sighs*

I think I'll turn in early tonight.

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Take Free Enneagram Test

I stole the test from eve-kun. Guess what? I got the same exact thing as you did.

Go figure.

Actually, these types of tests are always hard for me because I really have two different personalities. I'm totally different at work from how I am outside of work. At work I am actually very social and crave attention and praise from my boss. In any other situation I usually try to hide beneath the rug so that no one notices me. I don't know if that makes me strange or not. Either way, it makes it hard for me to answer straight questions like the kind on the test because it really depends on the situation as to how I react. At work I'm organized, confident, responsible, a leader. Any other time...I'm none of those things. Hmm, maybe I am strange. Or maybe work is one of the few things I've manage to master in my life and maybe that personality is really who I am...or who I could be if I tried harder at other aspects of my life. Hmm.

Argh. Too much self anylization...mind going numb...

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I just got back from the concert. My throat is sore and I can't hear shit....a sure sign of a rockin' good time. XD

All I keep thinking (besides 'when will my hearing come back?') is 'OMG Def Leppard Fucking Rocked!!!' Not too shabby for a bunch of guys startin' to get on in years. Really though, their music was so good live. It's that eighties screaming guitar sound that I miss so much. The sound of their music has such a sexual feel to it, really. It was great listening to it so loud. At one point I could feel the base in my chest it was so loud and low. Anyway, they kicked major fucking ass. Major. Fucking. Ass.

During their encore they were playing 'Love Bites' when some asshole dove onto the stage. He seemed disoriented like he was surprised to have actually made it up there. It was kinda funny when two guys built like refrigerators tackled his ass. Joe Elliot, the lead singer, made a joke about it. He said it actually made his night because it had been years since anyone had done stage diving at one of thier concerts. Heh.

I had so much fun.

Damn they were good.

I'm off to bed now. Hope my hearing clears up soon because I have to play Manager on Duty at work tomorrow. ^^;;;

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Def Leppard tonight. Two words: rock on. XD

I was supposed to do a major overhaul of my room but I only straightened it up a bit instead. Problem is I have way too much crap. I need to get rid of stuff. Getting rid of stuff requires a couple of days to go through said crap because some of it is buried so far in my closet I can't even get to it. *sigh* I really just need to move out. Oh well.

Was a tad productive last night with writing. Snippets up at the
fic log. Go me. Or not. ^^;;;

eve-kun, I wub the layout. *nod nod* Of course I'd be happy with anything you made for me (you know how I'm not picky ^_^) so feel free to tweak as you like. I'm just happy that you are nice enough to do a layout for me. *hugs*

mee-imouto, I don't think it's that I'm really happy so much as content to let things be as they are. I guess I've just accepted the fact that my life will be a certain way and I'm trying to enjoy it the best that I can. Don't really know if that made much sense. ^^

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Well, I finally did my taxes so I can check that off of my list of things to do. (I hate you state of Maryland. Why must you take all my money? Why?)

Tuesday night is the Def Leppard concert. I have off that day too so I'm going to spend it cleaning my room. Sure I will. (I've been telling myself that forever.)

I found a cool stall at the flea market today. It had been awhile since I'd been there. I tend to avoid the flea market in winter for some reason. *shrugs* Anyway. Greg said he wants to set up there soon to sell some of his old junk so I might go with him. I have a lot of junk that I need to get rid of too. So that I can aquire new junk. XD

Jason and I stopped in Ikea today. They have this chair that I want sooooo much. I told J that I'd buy it now if I had the room for it in my room (yeah right, my room is filled to maximum capacity.) It's just so damn comfy. And they have it in blue. In blue, I tell ye. They don't have it on their website or else I'd link it. It's kinda a big square cushion that has a low cylindric cushion as the back. It's nice to kinda lounge on cuz the cushion is so big. I loooove it and MUST have it. J says that I can store it in his room if I want til we move out (which won't be for awhile cuz we have to save our money for a house) but I want to use it. *pouts* I want to curl up on it with a good book dammit. Ah well. I'll probably go and buy it when I get some money. At least I'll have it then. *is obsessed* Or maybe....I could just get rid of my bed and sleep on the floor. Hmmm. *is actually contemplating sleeping on the floor* But then where would I store my bed? Oh well.

J's been looking at houses a lot. He's even looked at ones around where we live now. We both want to live in a single family home because we've lived in row-houses all our lives. It will be nice to be able to turn up the music a little without having to worry so much about the neighbors. (Not that I worry anyway. Hey, if they can play disco all hours of the night....) We don't plan on having kids (mainly because I refuse to give birth and there's also the fact that I have no maternal instincts whatsoever) but we want at least a two bedroom house with at least one and a half baths. Two toilets is a must. You don't know how often it bothers me that his parents only have one friggin bathroom. The 'spare' room we will have to fight over. I want it as a computer room where I can also store all my anime junk. *nod nod* I want to make it really cool though. Put a disco ball in there and stuff. J said that I'd probably rig it somehow so that when you open the door dance music automatically starts playing and the disco lights come on. Of course, his saying that made me want to do it. Heh. But he also wants a room where he can put all his music instruments and have a studio. (He doesn't really have much music abilty other than to bang or strum away randomly, but he has tons of instruments....yeah, he's a tad odd. Then again, I have tons of manga in japanese and I don't read japanese so....I geuss we are both a tad odd. Maybe that's why we get on so well.) Either way, once we have our house, it's gonna be one happening place. Woo hoo! Although, it really won't be for awhile. Ah well.

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Greg and I went to the Laurell K. Hamilton booksigning. Wow. She is such a cool person. And so is her husband. They are so down to earth and they loooove the fans and they were just really cool to meet. They both got a kick out of my sweatshirt which has a little turtle with flames shooting out of it's backside on it. ^_^ I got Care Bear's book personallized for her since it was a belated birthday present. Aren't I a good friend? *toots own horn*

Greg and I had a really cool day hanging out together. We went shopping all over the mall and also stopped at Best Buy where I spent way too much money. Heeeee. Yay. Red Dwarf is coming out on dvd now. Weeee.

After I came home I watched ep. 51 of Full Moon. Jumpin Jesus on a polgo stick! I hope ep. 52 is finished downloading by the time I get home from work tomorrow cuz I MUST SEE IT. XD

I had a really good day except this: My mom thinks I somehow managed to break the front screen door when really her drunk ass is just as responsible. She rushed out to get sodas yesterday when my uncle said he was coming over so that they'd have something to drink with their rum and after she left I kept hearing this banging on the porch. Finally I went to see what it was and it was the door banging around from the wind cuz it hadn't been closed all the way. Well, now she's trying to say it's my fault and that I owe them three hundred dollars for a new door (words I suspect originated with my father because I can just imagine the childish tirade he must have thrown). Anyway. I'm so sick and tired of them always trying to get money out of me. If it's money they want, fine, I'll fucking give it to them just to shut them the hell up. But then why should I? If they didn't spend so much money on alchohol they'd have plenty of money to do routine maintainence on the house (which they never do and the place looks like shit and is practically falling down around us.) They irritate the crap out of me sometimes. What I really want to say to them is, "Oh, just take it out of my college money...oh wait, that's right, you already did you fucking greedy bastards!!!" Really. I got so much money back from the gov. for college tuition that I had paid (my father paid for NOTHING and said that as long as I was in school I wouldn't have to pay rent). BUT, since my father claimed me on his taxes my refund of money that I had paid towards college (which was about two thousand dollars) went to him. And the fucking bastard wouldn't give me my money back. I can't say that I hate my father but sometimes he really really really pisses me off. When I move out I'm not talking to him anymore. Period. I don't want to have anything to do with him. Ah well. Shit happens. It just seems to happen to me a lot. *is vexed*

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It's days like this that I wonder why it was even worth getting out of bed in the morning.

Work was hell. Litterally. The whole in-store marketing staff ganged up on me this morning bitching about stuff that I already fucking knew about. I swear one of these days I'm going to kirk the fuck out on them and go berserk and punch someone. Probably Theresa or Penni. It's hard to say because they both have really fucking big mouths. Then Keith calls and wants this thing done, but I can't get it done cuz of a backup with fashions (which is recievings fault but somehow I end up being made to feel like it was my fault). So I called Latoya on her cell and she told me to calm down and don't let them bother me. I told her I'd come in at 7 tomorrow to help get that thing done since I didn't have time to do it today. So now, I'm going in there on my day off for three fucking hours to help out. Why the fuck do I have to open my mouth?

And, now my father is telling me to break the law. Yes he is. I come home after a shitty day at work and then my mom says that I have to get my driver's liscence because she was calling around trying to get better insurance but this one place which is really cheap won't cover them because I live in the house and have a permit but not a liscence. My dad said, and I quote, 'You better get your fucking liscence soon or else when you renew your permit put Jason's address on it.' WTF??? Dude, that's called breaking the fucking law. What an asshole. This day is just going from bad to worse. I feel like everything is my fault, even those things that aren't my fault are somehow my fault now.

Yup. Just kill me now and be done with it.

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Weather turned to shit. It figures. Ah well, Spring will come eventually.

Greg and I are going to a Laurell K. Hamilton book signing on Friday. I'm kinda excited about it. Well, it will be nice to hang out with Greg, anyway. We have so much fun being dorks and checking out hot guys together but we don't get the chance to do it that much anymore. One of us is always busy doing something else. Actually, I don't hang with most of my friends as much as I used to because I spend most of my free time with Jason. Not that I really have that much free time.

Dawn told me the funniest story the other day. She went over to look at something on Greg's car and wound up fixing it. She said it was quite the picture: the butch lesbian fixing the car while the two fairies hovered over her helpless like. She said it went something like this:

D: Hand me the wrench.
Ricky: Uh...which one's the wrench?
D: *sigh* Hold the flashlight.
Greg: *whining* I caaaan't. My arm's getting tired.

Heehee. Actually, I don't think her story was much of an exaggeration, knowing Greg and Ricky. Aw, but I still love you guys. *huggles*

I'm supposed to be getting various things done today but am being lazy instead. I really do have to finish my taxes but...ah...I'll do it later. XD

eve-kun, here's your reminder. GET KUSHIEL!!! READ IT AND BECOME AN ADDICT. *grin*

mee-imouto, *huggles* I don't much like baseball anymore, but it's fun to go to a game. There's all the food and the vendors are so amusing. The peanut guy was like 'Who wants peanuuuuuuutss!! Hey, you want some, I know you do. *throws peanuts into crowd* Alright! Peanuts in da houuussse! You da man!' Yeah, so I actually missed most of the game because I was watching the peanut vendor. XD PS: I like the new layout.

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What a weekend.

I went to go see Spirited Away with Jason, John and Care Bear at Arundle Mills. Twas fun. I have to admit, at first sign of weirdness I was like 'wtf?' but then I got into the movie and suddenly it all seemed so normal. I really liked the movie. Even Jason liked it. Wee. We also stopped at the Sanrio store so I bought tons of Hello Kitty stickers to finish stickering my t.v. with. Oh, and I covered my cell phone with them too. I'm such a child. XD

Today I went to the baseball game with my family and Jason. My dad got the company tickets. I love those seats. They are right behind home plate. The game sucked though. The Orioles got their asses kicked majorly by Boston. There were tons of Boston fans at the game though. There was actually more cheering for Boston than for the Orioles. Not that I'm a big baseball fan anymore. I don't even keep up with it like I used to a few years ago...damn, ok actually like ten years ago. (Where the hell does time go?) It was a nice outing. Good weather. Yay Spring.

I'm so tired though. Maybe I should nap. That sounds like a good plan.

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Well, I finished Kushiel's Chosen. Wow. I really flew through those books. It's been awhile that I was so into a book that I couldn't put it down. I think the last time that happened was when I read Harry Potter, and even The third book promises to be very dark. Wah. Why must authors torment their characters so? Oh well.

Care Bear ran into me at work yesterday and ended up coming home with me to visit. It was nice. We watched American Idol. We also watched I told her it was crack, but she didn't believe me til she saw it for herself. She cooed over my mp3 player enough so that she's decided to get one for herself. I gave her the cds I made for her but she called me a little while ago to say they aren't playing right so I'll have to go over there and see why they aren't working. We made plans to go see Spirited Away on Saturday. Wee. Oh, and she got me addicted to Evanescence. Yup yup.

D called and we made plans to go see a movie on Friday night. Yay.

Jason. I love him. He's irritating sometimes but I love him anyway.

My mom lost her job already. They decided she wasn't the right person for the job. Oh well. Screw them.

Rick's wife passed away two nights ago. I feel numb. Ms. Shirley was so kind; she didn't deserve to suffer. But then, who does? I guess I'm numb to it because over the last few years I've watched so many people I love suffer long, lingering, painful deaths. I just can't deal with it anymore.

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Well, I did a virtual tour of my room for my friend Amie at work. We were debating the other night whose room was more cluttered. I told her I'd send her pics as proof. So...we shall see, my dear, we shall see. XD

This is the view of my bedroom door. On it are various Sailor Moon pics that I had printed out and hung up there waaay back when I was in college and also a poster from an Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter book. As you can see there is just enough room behind my bedroom door to squeeze something so I fashioned bookshelves out of cardboard boxes. The stacks of books keeps growing though. It's now an area which I call 'the wall o' manga'. I also have some random dvd's stacked there because I ran out of room for them elsewhere.

Here is a better view of the 'wall o' manga' and also of some of my barbie collection. The storage unit is sitting in front of my closet which is covered in posters. I also have a handy dandy tv tray in my room so that I never have to eat dinner with my parents again. Wee.

The floor area in front of the storage unit and closet door is usually the first place to go when my room starts getting messy. It's just such a great place to chuck stuff. Poster of Lestat on bottom of closet door. I used to be really into Anne Rice.

View of the inside of my closet. This is where I hide my junk. I swear, I must have at least three or four hundred books packed away in there. And also more things. I packed up a bunch of my stuff a couple of years ago because Greg and I were talking about moving out, but it never happened. I never unpacked my stuff because it freed up space for me to get more stuff. XD

A corner of my room. The top of my dresser is filled up with even more stuff and also another improvised bookshelf made out of cardboard. Yay. Stuff, stuff and more stuff.

My puter corner. Corner furniture is really the only way to go in my room. It's really a spacesaver. Uh, the shelves are filled with more stuff. Top one has all my angel dolls and the rest of my barbie collection. Bottom shelf has anime and knicknacks. Actually, I have knicknacks sitting on top of pretty much everything including my tv, and my puter. ^^;;;

This is where things get really cluttered. I have an endtable in my bedroom that I use as a nightstand. I rescued it from my grandmom's house after she passed away. On top of it is my little tv which I am covering with hello kitty stickers. Why do I have two tv's? Because the little one was only fifteen bucks (originally a hundred and forty's a sony..wee!) and I can't pass up a good bargain. So, I stuck it there and hooked my playstation up to it so that I could be even more lazy. Behind the endtable/nightstand is my bookcase. Most of the books on there I can't even get to. *sigh*

My bed! Yes, I actually have room for a bed in my bedroom. Heh. Behind my bed I have an old toy chest filled up with a decade's worth of National Geographics. On top of that is a little dresser and a nightstand. On top of that is a dollhouse that used to belong to my mom when she was a little girl. This was also a rescued item from my grandmom's house. On top of that are more dolls. I have a lot of dolls because I wasn't allowed to have a lot when I was really little so when I was a teenager I went crazy and started collecting them. In the corner I have my Otakon badges hanging on a nail.

Now for some random stuff. These are some of my favorite junk items that I've collected.

Wooden shoes from Holland, also rescued from gram's house.

The coolest box ever that I found really cheap at an antique store downtown.

A strange doll that I bought for a buck at the flea market.

A voodoo doll cross thingy that my parents brought me back from thier trip to New Orleans. They actually got this in a shop that one of our relatives runs there. I don't follow voodoo, but I think the alligator head on the top of the cross is wicked cool.

So, that's my room and some of my stuff (much more of my stuff is hidden under my bed, in my closet, in my mom's closet and up in the attic). I hate the pinkness of my room and I wish it were blue but the ceiling needs plaster work done to it so I can't paint it.

And that concludes the tour. Now everyone can say how much of a dork I am. XD

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