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I feel exhausted.

I could have slept in this morning. I should have slept in this morning. But the book was calling me.

I started reading Kushiel's Dart a couple of weeks ago. I read it off and on while on break at work, barely making a dent in it. I think I might have been somewhere around page fifty when I sat down to read it yesterday around four-thirty. And read I did. Although it was interesting I didn't really get into it until about a quarter of the way through. Then there was no putting the damn thing down. I read pretty much all night til two-thirty in the morning and then woke up at seven-thirty and read straight through til I had to leave for work at ten of one. I read it at lunch and had five pages left to finish when I came home.

I am finished it now. *sighs* But now I have to read it's sequel. See...this is why I have a love/hate relationship with Fantasy books. They always seem to be at least trilogies; sometimes they are epics that span the length of many many books. Sometimes when I'm reading a really good book I get upset when it's over. That's why I love Fantasy series. But also I get upset sometimes when reading further down the road and stuff happens to the characters that I've come to love. For instance, I really liked Exiles by Melanie Rawn, but then I accidently read something near the end of the second book (it just fell open to that page and I happened to glance down....yeah like anyone's going to believe that....but it's true ^_^) and found out that one of my favorite characters had died. I was like 'Noooo!' So, the questions to ask myself are 'do I want to find out what happens?' or 'do I want to remain blissfully ignorant?'

Ah well.

Other news. My mom got a job today. She starts tomorrow. It's good news for our family, but bad news for me since I no longer have transportation to work. Must. Get. Liscence. I'll have to catch a ride in with my dad, be dropped off at seven and wait around for two hours until my shift begins. And on the days I work night I'll just have to take a cab. I would take the bus but a) there are a lot of wackos that ride the bus b) the local bus route sucks and c) there are a lot of wackos on the bus. But I'm glad for my mom. She seems really excited to be going back to work. They said this job is a temp, but it's supposed to last through the summer. And it pays more than the last one she had.

Also, my mom went to the eye doctor's yesterday and they said she had some bleeding behind her eyes. The doctor said she could have diabetes so she has an appointment next week to get it checked out. Poor Mom. She always has some crisis to deal with.

I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight (yes, midnight is early for me) and then sleep in tomorrow since I have off. I must enjoy tomorrow, it's the last day I have off til next Friday. Stupid long weekends. *grumbles*

I think I'll work on ficcing tomorrow. Gosh I've been lazy lately.

Oh well.

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*is in a panic*

I think I lost my cell phone. Dammit! Grrrr. I can't find it anywhere. I tried calling it but I can't hear it ringing anywhere but the battery was low so it might have turned off. The last time I can clearly remember having it was yesterday on the way back down from Big Round Top in Ghettysburg (only because I remember wanting to call Care Bear). I had it clipped to my pants. I only got out of Jason's car twice after that. Once to walk around the field by the Highwater Mark and once when we stopped at the Utz Outlet Store. I can't remember if it was still attached to me then or not. I hope it fell off in Jason's car. I called him last night at eleven-thirty and he said he'd look for it today. Now he's at Jiffy Lube and I don't know when he'll be home so that I can check with him. Dammit, can't he just be home so that I can find out? I could't sleep last night once I realized it was missing (I went to recharge it before going to bed, but I couldn't find it.) Then I had to work at seven this morning so I only got about three hours of sleep. I just got home after working ten hours and now I have to go back in at seven tomorrow because we didn't get everything finished today that we had planned on----

Yay! Jason just called from Jiffy Lube to say he had my phone. *cries in relief* Thank you, God. Thank you.

*sighs* Boy do I feel better now. At least I'll be able to sleep tonight. Probably. Hopefully.

Meemee-imouto* Thanks for the comment on the sketch. I like blue. Bluish-green is purty too. ^_^ Oh, and Utz company is a local company in the region. I'm not sure how far they distribute their products. It may just be Pennsylvania and Maryland...or maybe some other states nearby. But they do have the best potato chips. *nod nod*

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Wow, it was so nice outside today. Jason and I rode up to Ghettysburg. We had lunch and toured the battlefields a bit. It was nice to be outside enjoying the weather. We climbed to the top of Big Round Top and admired the view. It was so beautiful there.

On the way back we stopped in Hanover, PA and visited the Utz Potato Chip outlet. I loooove Utz Potato Chips. The factory is right there. I wanted to tour it and watch them making the chips but it's only open Monday-Thursday. Ah well. I bought a big tin of chips for my dad which he is enjoying right now. ^_^

I watched the end of Haibane Renmei last night. It inspired
this sketch. I don't know why I feel the urge to fool around with everything in Photoshop all of the time. Things look ok...then I mess with them. *shrugs*

Oh, on a related note...I wub the soundtrack to Haibane. It's eerie...but it's good.

I have to work at seven tomorrow. It sucks but oh well. At least I'll be busy all day and the time will go by fast. *nod nod* Hey...does that mean I get off early too? Damn. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Hugs to the usual.

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I'm tired...go figure.

Work was a whirlwind today. Busy busy busy, call-outs galore. This new guy, P, keeps flirting with me. There's nothing behind it (at least I hope not), but whatever. I wore a rather low cut blouse today and I was in the stockroom bending over as I reached for some clothes and who should happen to walk by and comment on the view? P. Of course. He takes the flirting a little too far to be comfortable. I'm between wanting to laugh it off and kick him in the head. I'm fine with the flirting...and even the somewhat vulgar comments don't bother me....what bothers me is when he jokingly reaches over as if he's gonna cop a feel. I told him to get away. I'm not comfortable even casual touching. I've been inappropriately groped before so I'm more than a little leary when people get into my comfort zone. I know he's only kidding, but that shit does not fly with me. I told him to get the hell away. *nod nod*

I may go on a day trip with Jason tomorrow. Don't know where. Maybe Ghettysburg...or Harpers Ferry. I don't know. Maybe we'll just go wherever the road takes us. It's too nice out to stay inside though.

I've been neglecting so many things lately. I have to work on some of my fics soon. Probably after I make all these damn cd's for Care Bear.

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I have off work tomorrow. Yay. Of course, I have to spend most of the day cleaning and the rest of the day making cd's for Care Bear. Of course, I'll probably just end up being lazy and skipping the cleaning. ^_^

*wanders off to find something to eat*

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Gah! I'm so mad. Stupid Internet Exploder froze up my 'puter and I had to restart it and lost my spaces in queu for download. Dammit...and I was next in line! Grrrr! Rrowrrrr! @#$#%#%$#$#!!!!!!! *kicks 'puter*

Ahem. I feel better now. XD

I had to work night tonight and so I missed American Idol. *sigh* I hate working nights. I had to deal with so many customer issues tonight. This lady was giving me an attitude because we wouldn't let her use her husband's credit card. It was kinda fun giving her a hard time back. Weee! Sometimes I like being a manager and telling people NO. I'm so bad.

*yawns* Off to catch some z's.

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Well, now I just feel depressed. For some reason I downloaded this Rurouni Kenshin video that I had seen at Otakon last year. It's from the second OVA. And it's to Enya. It's so sad. I don't know why I downloaded it. I don't know why I watched it. Damn me!

I can't handle depressing stuff, I really can't. Example: The first time I watched 'The Land Before Time' I cried for for about four hours straight and then would randomly burst into tears for two weeks afterwards. And I was sixteen at the time. I know...I'm pathetic. I guess it's just that I get so caught up in movies and shows and stuff that the sad parts really stay with me. I have a hard time letting go. I suppose it's because I always want everyone to live happily ever after. I mean, sad things happen in real life all of the time, I guess I just don't want to be reminded of that when I'm watching a movie or a show because those are my escapes from reality.

*sigh* So now I'm all depressed. *sniff* I should probably just have a good cry and work it all out of my system. Or maybe I should just watch something really funny now.


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I just watched Dennis and Nancy, two people I know from work, get married in Las Vegas live via the internet. That was fun. ^_^ I'm going to get married in Vegas some day.

Work was ok today. I talked to Keith about Theresa. He agreed with me and said he'd have a talk with her. Yay.

I'm tired. *yawns*

I have more anime to watch, but I don't feel like watching it. I have more stories to write, but I don't feel like writing. I have drawings to do, but I don't feel like drawing. I have to straigten up my room, but I don't wanna. *sigh* I have a complete lack of motivation to do anything other than sit in front of this 'puter nothing. ^^;;;

I spent a large chunk of time yesterday transferring mp3's to my mp3 player so that I could clear some space on the old hard drive. That was fun. I have to reinstall my cd label maker thing so that I can make cd's for Care Bear soon.

Speaking of Care Bear, her birthday is Thursday. I haven't bought her anything yet. Jason said he'd take me out shopping one day this week so that I could get her something. Last year I bought her a boxset of studio Ghibli anime...she loooooooves their work and begged me to get it for her. So, I did. And it was kinda expensive so I told her jokingly that it was for her birthday and the next ten Christmas'. I think for my birthday she got me a gift certificate to the anime store. Ah well, tis all good. I think that maybe I should buy her the end of Magic Knight Rayearth because she's needed it for years now and never gets around to buying it. And I wanna see the end of it darnit. Yeah. That sounds like a good idea. Or something Chobits related. She's obsessed with Chobits. *nod nod* I'll think of something.

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Ah, work was boring today. I fiddle farted around doing nothing...pretty much what I do every Saturday. ^___^

Oh, well something interesting did happen. Rob and John told me that Theresa raised a fit about me yesterday. I can't wait until Monday. I am so going to get into it with her. She is such a two-faced whore beast. She's always super nice to me and then I find out that she says all this shit about me behind my back. Thursday Keith, the store manager, asked me to move all of these plastic summer dishes over to the lawn and garden department so that I could have more room for other things in my area. Rob, the manager of Hardware/Lawn and Garden, said it was fine. No problem. So Edward, Danielle and I all set up a really nice display over there. Keith said it looked great. Rob said it looked great. Apparently some time yesterday Theresa had to go over to that dept. for something. She saw the dishes over there and started freaking out, yelling about how it looked bad and then, said something to the point that I'M gonna have to move it back the way it was because she'd be damned if she was going to do it, and then proceeded to call all of her team members over to the area one by one to say how she thought it looked bad. Then, apparently, someone changed it. I had the table and three tall atageres over there. They took the table down and just left the atageres...which meant alot of product had to come down. Then I noticed that they had put some of the dishes on the display lawn tables. Whatever. I'm so fucking pissed at her. Just wait until Keith comes back on Monday. You bet your ass I'm going to raise a shit fit. I'm tired of being treated like my opinion counts for shit. I fucking hate her. I really do. And I don't take the word 'hate' lightly. I must plot my revenge. Oh yeah.



I'm so tired. I was up late downloading all kinds of fun stuff. Morning Musume...even more sugary in their videos. ^^

Watched the first episode of Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na's cute. I think I'm gonna like it. Must see more.

Watched ep. 42 of Full Moon. *cries* OMG.....*cries* Waah!

Watched first ep. of Wolf's Rain. All I can say I'm in total awe of this show. I have to get Care Bear to see this one. And Jon. I think they'll both love it. Needless to say, I MUST HAVE MORE! *grin*

Also, because I was all hyper last night and couldn't sleep even if I'd wanted to, I watched some of the Hellsing that I borrowed from Jon. Yay me. I was going to watch The Ring. I actually started to...but then I got freaked out. I was looking to see if there were any hidden things on the dvd and sure enough there were. It will play the whole video that they watch in the movie for you. Yeah, so I got scared and turned it off and watched anime instead.

By the by, don't be scared. Haloscan is not eating comments...they are simply doing server work....again.

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I just finished watching Tuck Everlasting. *cries* I hate that kind of movie....I mean, I love it....but I hate it. Why do the characters always have to do that? I mean...grrrr. It makes a better story that way, but still, why can't everything just be happily ever after? Hell, that's why I watch movies in the first that I can have a happy ending. *sigh* It's like the ending of Escaflowne. It was perfect, yet I still wish that Hitomi had chosen to stay with Van. Dammit, it's frustrating. Oh well.

I'm downloading lot's of anime. Weeeeeeee!

Jason's cousin Erin got us free preview passes again. This time for Dreamcatcher tomorrow at midnight. I love Erin...she's so cool. It's nice knowing someone that gives you these types of things all the time, especially for Jason and I because we looooove going to the movies. (We really do go almost once a week.) And free previews are cool, not only because you get to enjoy a movie that's not even out yet...but it's FREE! I guess that's why they call them 'free previews'. ^^;;;

Anne! Guess what? Remember Christina Mayhew? She got promoted again...this time to Operations Manager at the White Marsh store. And also, Ellen got promoted again. She's now working for Hoffman Estates back in Chicago. Part of her new job is to travel around and certify stores for training and such...I guess. All I know is that she'll be in our store next Friday (I just realized I'm off...dammit!!) to certify that we've completed the training on our new email system. It's funny. The old email system we had sucked. It was a command type system. Now, we finally got a windows type system and the program we have is similar to Outlook Express. Yay. Sears is finally getting better technology. All I can say's about damn time. ^_^

Now, I'm off to watch The Ring before I go to bed. I had to get the dvd...I just had to. I want all those questions I had after watching it at the movies answered dammit!

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Well, there is still something terribly wrong with my coding. I think it has to do with the blogger coding but I don't really know enough about it to fix it. For some reason the most recent post won't show up until I post again. Thus, in order to post this post, I had to publish a blank post and kinda force it to post. Trick the system. ^^;;; Damn it. *sigh*

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Gah. I came home from work early because I am sick. Again. This bites.

I'm watching recently downloaded eps. of Full Moon. Gosh durn I love that show. <3

It was so nice out this morning when I left for work. Warm and sunny and very Spring-like. Now it looks like it's going to storm. In fact, I think I hear thunder rumbling in the distance which means I should really shut the puter down but I just don't feel like it. *sigh*

Meemee is my new lil sister. Yay! *huggles meemee* I don't really listen to much country music either, but I do enjoy the Dixie Chicks. They are really more Bluegrass than Country anyway. Not that I listen to Bluegrass much either. I just like the Dixie Chicks. My brother is the big fan of Country and he's the one who wanted to go. I enjoy concerts so....that's why I'm going. ^_^

As for rollercoasters, I love 'em now. I never rode one til I was sixteen because I was always too afraid. Then some people talked me into getting on some at King's Dominion in VA. The Rebel Yell was my first coaster and it's still my favorite. But still, I'm a big sissy at heart. Whenever I get on a first get on a coaster after a long absence (even if I've been on that particular one a zillion times) I freak out. The whole way up I keep hearing that 'clack clack clack clack' noise and I chant things like, 'Oh God. Why am I on this? Am I crazy? Damn this is high. Oh my God. Oh my God. We're almost at the top now..... AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!' Then, after about the third time on a coaster I'm singing songs on the way up and laughing on the way down the hill, posing for the photos and all. Tis fun. *nod nod* I suppose it's one way that I can get alot of stress out all at once. Which is why I must go to a theme park at least once a year.

*looks out window* I think it really is going to storm. Dammit. *sighs*

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What's new in Lisaland? Not much.

Went to the movies twice this weekend. What can I say? I love going to the movies. I saw 'Tears of the Sun' on Friday. It was good. Today I went to Arundel Mills (I love muvico!) and saw 'Gods and Generals'. It was an all day event. *nod nod* I liked it, but not as much as I liked 'Gettysburg'. I guess because it was less about the battles and more about the people. I wanted more battling and less prayers/poetry. Yeah. I cried at the end though. Oh well.

My wrist is killing me. Wah.

My spring/summer plans are filling up quickly: April 15th: Def Leppard concert. Second weekend of May: Trip to
Cedar Point. Come on, who wouldn't want to go to Cedar Point? The coasters there are megacoasters. Oh yeah. June something or other: Dixie Chicks concert. August: Otakon aka The Best Time Ever. Things that make me go squeee.

D now has a 'puter. Welcome to the civilized world. ^_~

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Well, I started on the drawing for J. It's not my best work, but tis to be expected considering I haven't practiced in ages. There are things I need to fix. *sigh* I think I might just consider this one practice and do another one. Or not. *shrugs*

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I just had this really weird and semi elaborate dream.

I'm in this desert town, sorta like in the old west (and for some reason, I am a guy.). There are all the people, different characters and such. We're in this saloon. Stuff happens that I can't really remember. It's sorta vague, although I know there is some sort of fight or something and there is this girl invovled. Anyway, word comes to town that the plague is on it's way. So, everyone boards up thier houses and such to hide from the plague. New people are banned from coming into town and if they do make it into town they are shot on sight. Things are very quiet for a few days. The only sound is the wind and some kind of unearthly moan/howl. Then, after a week or so, I think the threat has passed so I come out of hiding and go around town. When I go to the main store, all I find is a rotting corpse. Ah! Very scary. Somehow the plague had made it's way into town. Almost everyone is dead, except for me. I notice these wolf tracks but don't really think much of it. One of the ladies that worked at the saloon also survived because, come to find out, she is an immortal like me. ? Yeah, thats right, I said immortal. I don't know how my brain came up with that one. Anyway, flash forward to modern times. The saloon lady and I are at this proffessor guy's house for some reason. We are talking about our experiences with the plague, and how we thought there was something supernatural about it. The proffessor guy says that he knows something about the plague, that it is caused by an evil goblin. He looks around in fear and then suggests we continue our discussion in the basement. I for one don't feel more secure in a basement (I guess it's the influence of too many horror movies). But we go. For some reason I'm expection some kind of dingy grimey basement but it looks like Archie Bunker's living room instead. *shrugs* There is this old guy down there that looks out of it, and the proffessor explains that that's his father. He has been retired for some time due to illness. He's slowly losing his memories and touch with reality. I think that's sad. Anyway, we continue our discussion about the demon plague carrier. Apparently it's name is 'shadow'. We have to be careful saying it's name lest it thinks we are calling it to us so we are all whispering. We are talking about possible ways to get rid of it when the professor's father suddenly speaks up. In his day he had met the demon shadow. He also researched ways to banish the demon. He had found the answers that we are now looking for. (How convenient!) First, we have to call the demon to us, then there is this spell that we have to perform to get it to change forms so that it can be caught and then we must take it to the spirit world ourselves. Easy, right? One of us must be sacrificed so that we can take it with us in our death. Dun dun dun. So, we go out to the desert and I'm standing on the top of this rock formation. We call the demon to us and perform the spell, it's changed. We are looking for it. Finally, I see it. It's taken the form of a small dog like creature. The professor scoops it up and then I shoot him with a bow and arrow straight in the chest so that it also goes through the animal and the demon is now pinned to him. I'm not really sure what happens after that because it's when I started waking up. I think the professor died and took the evil demon with him to the spirit world but...yeah.

Weird, huh? I think it might make an interesting story if I polished it up a bit. *shrugs*

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Blogger still hasn't updated my template. *cries* I know they are moving to new servers or something, but geez. I want my new layout darnit! *grr*

On to other things.

I watched episode 47 of Full Moon.....*sparkle sparkle swooon dies* Really, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Some things are so cute that if cuteness killed, I'd be dead right now. Yup yup. (Hmm, that reminds me, I definately have to make those bumper stickers that say 'cuteness kills' some day.)

I actually talked my mom into watching an episode, and she agreed that it is a cute show. Of course that was only after I kept going, 'Isn't it cuuuuuuuute????' At least my mom puts up with my weirdness. ^^;;;

I haven't really worked on any of the things that I have to do today. Oh well. Chalk one up for laziness. XD

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I am so unbelievably tired right now. Work is slowly taking it's toll on me.

We are having a mega visit tomorrow in our store. The national apparel sales managers that work in Chicago will be in our store checking things out. I have been working my ass off making sure that things are ready.

They gave that in store marketing lead position to Penni. Something I just cannot believe. First off, the woman can't even spell three letter words correctly. Secondly....hello, she's an idiot. People are always complaining about her not finishing things and her doing things half what do they do? Promote her, of course. This is the second time in a couple months that this has happened there. I swear, I gotta stop working so hard and start screwing up so I can get promoted too.

Also, for some reason blogger refuses to update my template. It's really starting to piss me off because I know there are some things that I probably messed up when I put the blogger code in and I want to fix them. Stupid blogger. Grrr. *shakes fist at blogger*


I have to finish watching so much anime. I'm supposed to finish watching Initial D and Hellsing so that I can give it back to Jon, but I've been watching Flame of Recca instead. Bad me. Also, I wanna finish watching Kodacha...and I still have some Azumanga that I haven't watched...and some X. Damn. I'm such an anime whore. XD

Plus, I'm really behind on my ficcing.

Also, I have to finish that drawing for Jason...Ok, I actually have to start it first, then finish it. ^^;;;

*looks at list of things to do* Gah. Too much stuff, not enough time. Oh well. At least my room is clean for once.

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Full Moon....Must. Get. More.

I'm officially an addict. XD

Gah. I somehow managed to injure myself last night eating a blueberry muffin. Don't ask. Apparently, I'm really stupid. ^^;;;; My only excuse is that A) I was really hungry and B) the muffin was really really really huge.

Was going to go over Uncle's today, and Jay and I actually started to, but Uncle called while we were at Barnes and Nobles and said he had a headache and could we reschedule...which was fine with me since I really didn't feel like going over there anyway because I wanted to stay home and marathon various anime's today. And Jay wasn't mad because he got some kind of new Yu Gi Oh game or whatnot that he is addicted to. Hmmm, and he says I'm a child. ^^;;;

Been watching Flame of Recca. Weee.

Also more of Full Moon. *goes into super duper rabu-rabu mode* *SPARKLE* I was sparkling all day yesterday while I was at work just from watching it. Then, I kept telling people about it...people that don't watch anime and really could care less. But I didn't care. I felt compelled to tell everyone I ran into of it's cuteness factor. I even called my best friend on my lunch break just to squeal about it while my boss looked on shaking her head at me as if to say 'What a loser'. But, that's ok. They're the ones missing out on the rabu-rabu. That's right. *nod nod*

On a related note, I'm beginning to think the guys at the anime store think I am some kind of weirdo or something. Well, not only because I frequent their store (let's face it, there are tons of losers, I mean people, that frequent thier store) but because I actually buy thier anime. And lot's of it. I told Jay that they ought to name an honorary shelf of anime after me because I spend so much money there. Put a little gold name plate on it and everything. *nod nod* They have this membership thing that tracks every purchase you make so whenever I buy something else they are like, 'Wow, you bought this and this and buy a lot.' And I feel like replying in my most sarcastic voice with, 'Yes, that's right, I'm a loser. Let's move on, shall we?' Last time we were there Jay kicked in with, 'Oh, she watches it all the time, sometimes I don't see her for days, hahahahahaha!' I was like, 'Jay, shut UP!' God, he's so embarrassing sometimes. He always feels the need to make small talk with the check out people. Not me. I just wanna buy my stash of anime and get the hell out of there (because some of those people that frequent the anime store really need to spend less time watching anime and more time bathing.)

Er...anyway...I lost track of what I was saying. ^^;;;;;;

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I just watched the first episode of Full Moon wo Sagashite.....

*sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle*

Haru: *looks* She's sparkling again.
Kyou: Oi, what do you want me to do about it? *grumbles* Stupid cow.
Haru: Stupid? *goes black* You think so, eh?
Kyou: *rolls eyes* Bring it on.
Me: Boys! Please. You're interrupting my sparkling.
Kyou and Haru: ......
Me: *sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle...*

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Damn you, Jacqueline Carey.

*tries to put book down and fails*

Damn you.

*goes back to reading book*

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