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I just had one of those weird moments of clarity. I'm sitting here listening to OPP by Naughty By Nature and I had a sudden image of myself as a fifty year old kickin it with the old school. It's funny, because I see my parents and they are still into the music they grew up with, but the music I grew up with is so different...I think it's going to be hilarious when my generation gets old. Can't you totally see it? A bunch of old ladies doing the tootsie roll?

Well, at least I have something to look forward to. ^^;;;

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What? No more Buffy after this season? *slow motion yell* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

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Today was not a great day.

I was by myself for most of the day at work because of call outs, but luckily we were slow because of the weather (yes, snow again). Bleh. Keith, the store manager, came up to me at one point and was saying something to me and he hesitated when he was going to say my name. I was like 'Lisa. My name is Lisa." He was like, 'I know your name.' I said, 'Oh, well I thought maybe you forgot it and that's why you call me kiddo all the time instead of my name.' I'm such a bitch. XD

My mom called on my cell this morning. (The fact that she called on my cell is only significant because hardly anyone calls me on it. I wear the damn thing all day and no one calls me so I am happy when it actually does ring.) My dad fell outside of his work on the parking lot because of the snow and ice. They had to take him to the clinic. Luckily, nothing was broken but he did pull a hamstring pretty badly. So, he'll probably be out of work at least the rest of the week. I told my boyfriend that my dad is laid up on the couch now and he said, 'So, what's different about that?' ^^;;;

The highlight of my day was a conversation I had at work with two of the cashiers.

Mandy: You are such an old lady. You're going to be one of those people with a house and a cat.
Me: I can't have a cat if I have a house with Jason. He's allergic to them. We'll have a rabbit instead.
Josie: How do you know he's not allergic to rabbits?
Me: Because I pet them when I'm at the pet store and then rub my hands all over his face and he's okay. ^_^
Mandy: You don't have to be allergic to both. Their dander is different.
Josie: Just get him some Head & Shoulders.
Mandy: ....
Me: ....Dander. Not dandruff.
Me & Mandy: Hahahahahahahahaha!

Seriously, we laughed for about twenty minutes. It was so loud and so long that people were looking at us. But it was funny. Or maybe you had to be there. ^^;;;

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Work was ok. Keith called me kiddo at least a dozen times. Hello, I'm twenty-five, not three. Geez. Well, at least he didn't wink at me. Or maybe he did and I just didn't notice it because I've built up an immunity. Yeah, that's it. He did say to me that he heard I posted for the In Store Marketing Lead position, which I haven't. I mentioned to Theresa that I was thinking about it so she must have said something to him. I wonder if that means I should put in for it? It's a job grade twelve and I'm currently a job grade ten, so it would be a promotion. Of course, if it doesn't pay more than it isn't really worth it to me because I am happy with the position I have right now. On the other hand, it would be a closer step to becoming a salaried manager....but do I really want to become a salaried manager? Also, in the event that I did get it, I would have to learn to work with a lot of people that I really don't like that much. But, at least I'd get to boss Penni around. Besides, I heard Kelly put in for it and they are probably going to give it to her anyway because she is such good friends with Theresa. But, If I don't put in for it, we'll never know. Grrr. My head's gonna explode from thinking about this too much. The hell with it, I should just put in for it and give it a shot. It can't hurt.

*sigh* There are so many things that I have to be doing right now, but I don't feel like doing any of them. :P

Been listening to John Lennon and Eva Cassidy. See,
Anne? You're not the only one that enjoys listening to the works of artists whose lives were tragically cut short. *blink* .....That sounded horribly morbid.

Oh, and one final note: DIE HALOSCAN AND YOUR CRAPPY ASS SERVERS!!! DIE DIE DIE!!! *beats haloscan into a bloody pulp*

I feel better now. XD

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I went over Jason's last night. He said that he had been acting that way on purpose, to demonstrate how he feels when I act that way towards him. Hmmm. I don't think I act that way as much as he thinks I do, and if I do, then I'm just being myself. I don't like public affection, I don't like surprises or flowers or jewelry. All I require is for someone to spend time with me and tell me they love me. But Jason is the opposite of that. He likes surprises, he likes getting gifts, he likes giving gifts, he likes public affection. I don't push him away when he wants to hold my hand though, only when he's grabbing my ass. I have had a discussion with him many times on appropriate behaviour vs. inappropriate behaviour. I don't think it's appropriate behaviour to whisper lewd comments in my ear when we are in public. It's embarrassing and I don't like it. But, whatever. Anyway, I told him that the only thing I can do is try to consider his feelings more and try a little harder to make things work. He says that there is nothing wrong with the way I am, but that maybe we just aren't compatible enough to be together. He says he loves me and doesn't want to lose me and that is why he is trying to show me how he feels. He says he thinks about us being together in the long term and it worries him that we aren't compatible enough. I think he thinks too much about things sometimes. Anyway, things are fine now, I guess.

Work was slow today. About four o'clock Darlene came over to me and told me that Rajdaye was crying in the women's dept. So, I went over there and she was crying and I tried to talk to her but it was awkward. She kept saying how her life was meaningless and she wanted to die. I told her that of course her life wasn't meaningless, that she was a good person that I look forward to seeing on the days she works. But she kept crying so I went to get Latoya. Later, Latoya told me that Rajdaye told her that her sister, who lives with her, prays every day for Rajdaye to die and that she is cruel to her and even tried to poison her food before. I was like, 'Why the hell is she letting her stay with her then?' I feel really bad for her. I think she misses her home a lot. I hope things get better for her soon.

I bitch about my life all the time, but in retrospect, it's really not that bad.

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I really am beginning to think that my boyfriend has some kind of split personality.

Last night he picked me up and dropped me off at Care Bear's (so that he could go to see some russian movie and I could hang out with CB and her family) then came back to pick me up to see a movie at midnight. He barely spoke to me and was very cold and distant. I asked him how the russian film was and he said, 'Good.' I couldn't get more than one word replies from him. I tried to hold his hand twice but both times he pushed me away. I kept asking him if he was alright and he said he was fine. I asked him if he still liked me and he said yes. I asked him if he was tired and he said no. He was very terse with his replies to my inquiries. I ended up feeling like maybe he didn't love me anymore. When he dropped me home he didn't try to kiss me goodnight and when I told him 'I love you' he didn't say it back but made some kind of vague reply like 'ok' or 'yeah' or something. I was so hurt. It was like I didn't even matter to him anymore. I was very depressed.

Today. I've been trying to call him all afternoon but his phone line was busy which is unusual because they have call waiting. I tried six or seven times at least to get through at various times. Just a few minutes ago the phone rings and it's him.

'How come you didn't call me today?'
'I did, but your lines been busy all day.'
'Oh, well the phone was off the hook, but I just discovered it. I'm really glad you tried to call though, that makes me happy. You wanna come over for dinner? Maybe rent a movie?'

Then he proceeds to tell me all about the russian movie he watched last night. Meanwhile, I'm very confused because he's acting like normal again. Then, and this is really fucked up, he says, 'And then I went to see this Jet Li movie, blah blah blah,' and proceeds to tell me all about it. I was like, 'Jason, I was there.' And he was just like 'Oh, well didn't you think it was blah blah blah...'

Me: WTF????

It's like he didn't even remember being with me at all yesterday!! WTF???

*tears hair out*

I'm so tired of this emotional rollercoaster. I swear, the stress of it all is killing me. GRRRR!

He's totally fucking mental. Really and truly, I'm beginning to suspect that something is seriously fucked up.


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What a day.

Went to work at seven again (I am sooooo not a morning person). I only worked until one o'clock because I had stuff I needed to get done at home today. Actually, I wanted to leave by 12 but I had to finish what I was working on before I could go. We got a lot accomplished today. Yay for accomplishment.

When I did get home (after going to the bank and dropping my film off at Wal-mart), I got on the 'puter, as usual. All of a sudden I was so tired that I couldn't even keep my eyes open. I thought 'I'll just lay down for a lil bit and watch tv.' Two hours later my mother was waking me up asking me what I wanted for dinner. I really must have been exhausted because I usually don't sleep during the day; I never nap. I'm still feeling a bit groggy so I guess I'll go to bed early tonight.

Right now I'm watching Aerosmith behind the music for the third time. I love Aerosmith. I guess that's partly due to my dad's influence. Sad as it is, I think my favorite song by them is Ragdoll. It's such a cheesy sleezy type of song but for some reason I love it. *sighs* I'm a geek. Oh well.

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Ah, today was actually ok. I went to work at seven instead of nine because we are backed up on things from the snow days. I was supposed to have off tomorrow and Saturday but now I am working to help out and make up for some of my hours. Turns out I only get paid for Sunday's hours. Oh well.

Got my raise at work. It was good. Wee.

I got my review today. It was good. Yay me.

Things went pretty well, except for one thing the day was great. Someone is trying to make me look bad. Someone is complaining about me to the store manager saying I have an attitude problem. I was working with some of the other team members and I went to lunch. I tossed the papers R had given me in front of her because she was busy with something, but I wanted to make sure she saw them because we had already lost them once yesterday morning. Later in the day my manager is telling K and I that we have to be team players, yada yada, yada, and to communicate things instead of just throwing papers at people. Up until she said that I had been wondering what brought the lecture on. Then I went, 'Aha!' I was like, 'That wasn't what happened!' My manager told me that apparently R was really upset with me and I felt really bad. I told T (R's boss) later that I was sorry if anyone on her team was upset by my actions, I hadn't meant anything by tossing the paper except that I didn't want it to get lost. T said that she knew it was probably just a misunderstanding and that I should talk to R about it. So, when I approached R and apoligized she asked me what I was apoligizeing for. I told her. She said she hadn't been upset at all. She said that K (who had been standing nearby) had said something about me throwing the paper but that she herself hadn't been upset and that if she had she would have come to me herself instead of going to the store manager and telling him. My question then is this: Who the hell went to the store manager making a big deal out of nothing saying R was upset when she wasn't? Something's not right. Correction: someone's not right. And when I find out who it is I'm going to tear off thier head and crap down thier throat. TASTE MY WRATH BITCH!

*ahem* Like I said, other than that, I had a really good day.

Oh and, *hugs
meemee back* Weeee.

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It has been a rather eventful day.

Didn't go to work because no one came to pick me up.

Mom's work called...she is now laid off. Stupid economy.

Shoveled snow out of the back alley.

Watched with a mixture of horror and awe as next door neighbor's awning collapsed under the weight of melting snow. It was the most exciting thing that happened all day. Woo. Took lots of pictures...which I will upload once I get them developed.

Traded mp3's with
Eve-kun. Wee! <3 <3 <3 Maaya. rabu rabu. XDXD

Talked to various peeps. Yay! *wub*

Was slowly driven out of my mind by spending way too much time home with my family. I'm looking forward to going back to work tomorrow becuase, seriously folks, if I catch my parents going at it in the living room one more time I'm going to go insane. ^_^

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The latest update.

It looks like I'm not going in to work unless someone picks me up. I called again and no one offered, so unless someone calls me...of course, we aren't open for business til one so someone could still call......hmm...maybe I should take the phone off of the hook. XD

My father didn't even call his work, he just didn't go in. But, he's lucky. They just called to say that they were closed again anyway and that they'll probably open up tomorrow if they can get everything plowed. My dad is like, 'I can't even get the car out.' True. But he can get the truck out if he wants, he just doesn't want to because then he'll have to go back to work. I guess we are related after all. XD

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This is why I hate my work. I just called there again to let them know I didn't know if my father was going to make it out or not...and Rick was still out. Theresa was like, just call out then, everyone else is. I was like 'Well, its not that I can't come in, I just don't have a ride right now (I mean, even the friggin buses are not running yet). I might be able to make it in late in the afternoon or something.' (But what would be the point? I'm only scheduled til 5 and there is no way my Dad will come and get me after it gets dark...hell there is little chance my dad will even come and get me I won't be able to work late unless someone picks me up and takes me home.) Anyway, T said, 'Well, I don't think they are even opening the store until 1pm.' WTF?? Hello, could anyone possibly have called me and told me that? I mean JHC people, how about a little fucking communication! So, what does that mean? Should I still try to make it in earlier? Or what? No one fucking knows. God I hate that place. *spits a big fat loogie at Sears*

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Damn, those crazy bastards at Sears are actually opening up for business today....which means I have to go into work. *curses in several languages*

I called but I told them I don't have a ride in. My Dad isn't planning on driving anywhere so the car and the truck are not finished being shoveled out yet. Rick, the operations manager might ride me, but he's out picking up someone else so I have to call back.

Now my father is actually getting dressed to go out and shovel. Problem is the car is parked in the back yard and it's probably not going to make it out of the alley. The truck is parked on the street in front of our house, but the truck is rear wheel drive and does really crappy in the snow and even though the main roads are clear our street is still pretty crappy.


Looks like I'll have to go in. Damn retail. Damn it to hell and back....well, not back. Just to hell. Yeah, thats it.

*is not a happy camper*

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that my work is more than likely closed today. I called up there and no one answered. Plus, the buses aren't running...not much is running.

My brother just called. He spent the night at a friends house. He wants to know what time we are going to start digging out.

*sigh* I just called work again. Still nothing. Hmm. Three of the other malls in the area are on the closing I guess we are closed too. If those Sears' are closed then we probably are too. Yeah. I guess I should go back to bed then?

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Not much to do today because of the snow. I've been taking lots of pictures. Yay.

A frantic search for the ac adapter for my camcorder led me to come across some pictures that I had been looking I uploaded them and made a
webpage which will eventually become part of a bigger site.

Yeah...boredom makes us do crazy things.

Well, now that my camcorder is all charged up I'm going to go outside and record the snow. Weeeee!

I keep getting the urge to just jump right into it. It looks like it would be so much fun. (There's just so much of it!) But I want someone to take a picture of me in the snow and no one will because they don't know how to work my camera. (It's manual.) *pouts*

Oh, and something seems to be wrong with my comments box. I think Haloscan is having server problems or something. *kicks haloscan and curses* Grr.

Oh well. Off to the snow. ^___^

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Room with a view.

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SNOW!!!! LOTS OF SNOW! parents woke me up at seven this morning and now I can't get back to sleep. Argh. We're supposed to get around two feet of snow. Wee. I'm supposed to work today, but I hope they close. If they close then I will still get paid. *crosses fingers* We aren't open until noon, but people get there around ten so I guess I'll call around then just to see if anyone is there. If we do open then someone will have to come and pick me up because my father refuses to even try to take me in, not that I blame him. Usually the store will open, just in case there are people that need shovels or snow blowers or whatever, but I don't think many people will make it in to work today. So, if we open, who will run the store? Gah. Please let us be closed. *looks out window* Please, please, please let us be closed.

I wanted to take video of the storm but I can't find the adapter for my camcorder and my battery is low. *curses*

Oh well.

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My room is now torn apart but I found it. Yay, my kitty picture. I drew this for a college art class. Pen and ink. I think I might give this picture to my boyfriend. Click on the image for a bigger version of the pic.

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I was bored so I was fooling around with google. I put my name in and searched and found a page that had my name in kanji.

Then I was putting in other names. I put in my mom's maiden name: Schwandtner. I came across
this news article. I had read it before, of course, when it was originally published but I guess I was a little surprised to find it on the net. Don't know why.

One of my mom's brothers was murdered in 1978; less than a year after I was born. There is one picture of him holding me. He was only 22 years old when he died; younger than I am now. I think about him sometimes, even though I never knew him. From what I hear he was involved in bad things. He was the reckless type, I guess. I wonder how he may have turned out if he hadn't been killed. He was so young.

His murder went unsolved for a long time. So long that when they finally nailed the killer(s) it made local news. It was a big thing for my mom's family. They all went to meetings with the District Attorney and discussed how the trial would work. It took a long time (although, I suppose it could have taken much longer). Making things happen is a tedious process.

Then, this article about the guy. The snitch. The one that made things happen. I know some of my family is grateful to him, but I'm not. For what? For finally being a man and telling the truth? For finally being a decent human being? He may be reformed trash, but he's still trash in my book. He only turned to the police because he was a coward.

But then I think that maybe something good did come out of my uncle's death. Because murder is a big crime they wanted to use his murder to nail this mob guy for a lot of years. Little stuff is little stuff, but murder is pretty big. If it hadn't been for the murder, maybe they wouldn't have been able to get the guy. Maybe there is a purpose to everything....maybe.

*is wistful*

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In a good mood. Wee.

Not talking to boyfriend right now. Long story. Short version: he acted like a jerk and pissed me off. Now he will have to beg (or buy) his way out of the doghouse.

Richard came over and then we went to Care Bear's. She is so funny. She must have had chocolate earlier because she was very hyper. XD She gave me back some anime she had my Harry Potter. And! I actually borrowed something from her for once. A momentus occaision indeed. She lent me Lilo and Stitch so I'll make the rest of this post short as I want to watch it before I go to bed.

Richard, I had fun~~ I want to party! Oh yeah. ^___^ Thanks for the present. *much wub* I'll call you when I find out about my schedule.

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My parent's are making steak for dinner. Yum. *rubs tummy*

Work was busy today. We had a two hour staff meeting. My elbow is still feeling cramped from keeping my arm and hand in note taking position.

Wanted to go to Walden's today to buy more Paradise Kiss but a) I only took a short lunch and b) I don't think they have more in stock. Our mall is small and therefore the stores in our mall our small and don't carry a large selection of things. Grr. When I was there on Saturday Frank, the manager, told me that they got in some dirty anime by accident and asked me if I knew anyone that wanted it. I told him I'd ask around. ^_^ He's funny. He had a crush on my best friend; I think he still does. When she worked at Lerner's we used to meet up for lunch and go to the bookstore. Frank was always flirting with her but she already had a man. When Care Bear and Jon came up to visit me the other day we went to the bookstore and he was still flirting with her. She was like 'Shh!' *points to boyfriend* Then, he grabbed my hand to look at my hello kitty ring. I was like 'Hello kitty'. He said, 'I know, that's what I thought.' Then Care Bear pulled out her wallet (which is Hello Kitty) and was like, 'I got Hello Kitty, too.' And I said, 'I got more, I got a Hello Kitty phone book in my purse.' Yeah, we're competitive. XD Then Frank says to me, 'Can I say hello to your kitty?' *cackles* He's bad. XDXD

Ah, well at least I'm in a good mood today. Must make room decent enough for company since Richard is supposed to be coming over tomorrow. Yay.

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My weekend.

J and his brother picked me up from work Saturday night. J wanted me to spend the night at his house. I really didn't feel like it; I was tired and just wanted to sleep and I was looking forward to having Sunday all to myself. But he was like, 'I miss you, blah, blah, blah.' I really wanted to throw a temper tantrum, but Andy was there so...yeah...I just gave in to him. It was nice though. I told him I only wanted one blanket so I ended up shivering in the night because I was too stubborn to ask for more. But he ended up throwing more blankets on me anyway. Good boyfriend. *pat pat*

We got out of bed around lunchtime and went to McDonald's on the way to the movies. Saw Shanghai Knights. ^___^ *wub* As far as movies go it was fairly silly. Donnie Yen plays a pretty good bad guy. The girl in the movie was really pretty...and she kicked ass. Wee. Ass kicking is always fun. Owen Wilson...J and I have figured out why he is the same in every movie; he pretty much plays himself. He's funny though. ^_^

After the movie we stopped by Chris and Jamie's new house. It's pretty big; four bedrooms! It's nice enough, I suppose. But, all these new houses they are building now days don't seem that sturdy. They better not hope a tornado comes by. The road to thier house is still mud because they can't get it paved until they finish constructing the other houses in the community. Bleh. It's a good house, I guess, but I wouldn't have paid as much as they did for it to still be living in the Dundalk/Essex area. But, that's them. Not like I can afford a house. Each of them make about twice what I make. ...I need to go back to school. Either that, or get my ass promoted again. (Note to self: bump off manager and assume her position...j/k.)

We didn't stay long. Jamie was at work, I guess. Only Chris was there with thier daughter, the brat. She is so spoiled. Chris told her not to run in the basement, so she runs, she falls and then she is wailing away (fake tears, I can spot em a mile away). Gah. Reason number five hundred and thirty three why I am never having children. Then Chris' sister showed up. Then the delivery guy showed up with the washing machine and J said it was time to go. Yay.

Finally came home only to find my brother in my room on my computer. He kept saying he wasn't going to be much longer...but then he wasn't leaving so I resorted to yelling 'GET OOOUUUT!' at the top of my lungs like a five year old. My mom yelled over from the next room, 'No fighting, you two!' God, I am twenty-five years old. Please get me out of this house soon.

Read the first volume of Paradise Kiss. I like.

*is going to bed now*

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Why snow days suck:

My whole family stayed home today because of the snow. Dammit. Why did it have to snow on my day off? Grr.

I was a lazy bum all day.

Am now traumatized because I caught my parents the living room. Hello...other people are home and that's why you have a fucking bedroom. I bet they can't wait for us to move out. Yeah, well the feeling is mutual.

Worked on the
site. Bleh. Gave up on htmling it and just used the webpage builder thingy. Oh well.

Am going to bed before anything else happens to destroy what little happiness I have left.

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Life goes on, what else is there to say?

Had an extremely busy day at work but managed to get everything done that I needed to and impress the new store manager in the process. That's right, my ass kissing skills are still top knotch. *halo*

About our new store manager. He's an extremely nice guy, and very fair. If he likes what you do he tells you, if he doesn't like it he tells you. does this weird winking thing. Everytime I talk to him he winks at me. It's...strange. He'll say, "Ok, great job." And then wink at me. I mean, it's not just me he's winked at; I've asked around. It's everyone. He's a winker. That's right, a real winker. Everytime he winks at me I can't help but stare...and I want to laugh but that would be bad. Very bad. So, I will continue to let him wink away as it seems to make him happy.

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I joined After seeing the annoying pop up ads a billion times and ignoring them they finally were able to snag me. Damn them.

I was surprised at how many people from my class were listed on there. I think it was over seventy people; that's at least a quarter of our class. Patapsco High, class of 1995. Ugh. I just remembered what our class motto was. I think at first is was, 'Staying Alive, the class of '95' then we changed it to, 'Our Dreams Will Never Die, the class of '95'. Yuck.

All of this got me to thinking about how much I miss highschool. In middle school I was picked on constantly; I hated school. I didn't do my homework (I figured, why should I do my homework when I already knew the stuff?), had detention almost every day, almost got suspended, was humiliated by my friends (Tracy, how could you tell JS that those letters were from me? Grr. I'll never forgive you) and teachers alike. Yeah, it was a living nightmare.

Highschool was completely different. Almost all the people that were the instruments of my daily torture wound up in different classes. (I would have gotten into AP classes if my grades weren't so low due to my lack of homework. If I had to do my life over again, I'd start by doing my homework. If I had, the whole outcome of my life would probably have been different.) Highschool meant Freedom. I did my homework in study hall and in homeroom. I got good grades (honor roll every quarter and principal's list twice, thank you very much) and eventually worked my way into two AP classes. I made new friends.

Junior and Senior years were the best. I was good friends with the class president. We had an independent study photography class together, just the two of us. Our teacher had another class during that period and left us on our own in the photo lab. Most days we sat around listening to the radio and goofing off since we got our assignments done ahead of schedule. Also, we'd sneak out and wander the halls and sometimes stop in the cafeteria to bug my brother who had lunch during that period. The thing I loved the most about Nicole's friendship though, was the way she would always encourage me to do my best. She would always say, 'You can do it if you put your mind to it.' I remember one time in gym when we had to run the mile and I was lagging behind and wanted to give up (I am the most unatheletic person I know) and Nicole kept saying, 'Come on, it's not that far, just a little faster...' and that really made me work harder to get to that finish line. It's cheesy, I know, but I really miss her. She is the most positive person I have ever known in my life. She even encouraged me to participate in a skit in the variety show with her. Me. On stage. With only three other people. And the whole school watching. Yikes. It was a fun skit though. I was a director making these people run through their lines and each time I'd say cut and do it a different way it would be in the extremes. If I said to do it faster they would speed it up super fast, or if I said to do it slower they would do it in super slow mo. One time they did it overdramatically. It was hilarious. I wish I had it on tape. Ah well.

Damn, now I'm getting all teary eyed from thinking about the good old days. Ok, now I just sound like my parents...and that's scary.

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I'm getting ready to go bowling with Jason and Care Bear and Jon. Care Bear called and reminded me to bring lots of anime for them to borrow. (When did I become an anime pimp?)

Bleh. Then I have to work at 6-3 in the morning. Yuck. Then I get to come home, sleep, get up and go to work again at 12:30. They don't pay me enough for this crap. Bleh.

*is tired*

Thank goodness I have off Tuesday. Finally, a whole day to myself. *dances*

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Anne, your comment about me doing the cabbage patch was really funny because Richard said pretty much the same thing to me. My friends know me too well, I guess. ^___^

I'm getting ready to go to the anime store. Must find Inuyasha. Must find.....must find.....*has been brainwashed by eve-kun* ^________^

New link is to Belinda aka sailorpanda. *wub*

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This layout features Inuyasha, the (currently slightly grouchy) character from the series of the same name. Fonts are Velvet and Redensek, brushes are from Nocturna and Brushy. This layout was coded by Sophie for the Inuyasha marathon.

Inuyasha blog marathon:



~ethereal melody
~lucid dreaming
~omnikartera whamasu
~shameless name dropping
~stream of conscious
~w n p?

~in passing...

fave comics:

~never knew
~fate martyr sapheire


~best english ever
~mr. t vs escaflowne
~fly the copter



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