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*crawls out from her Buffy marathon long enough to wish everyone a very merry Christmas* Can anyone guess what Santa brought me? Weeee! *goes back to watching Buffy*

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I've said it before and I'll say it again...this Christmas will be the death of me.

Next week's schedule is crazy. The day after Christmas I have to be at work by six in the morning. Gah. I'm a zombie til at least nine.

Sunday I went shopping with Jason at
Columbia Mall for presents. I ran into my old manager at Sears. It was really nice to see her.

Somehow Jason and I ended up at Gordon's jewelry store. Don't remember the circumstances that led up to us going in there but there we were looking at rings. I showed him the kind of ring that I would like if he ever happened to propose to me. It was small and delicate and just what would look good on my finger. I don't want some huge gaudy ring. I saw this ring that was perfect. It was on sale. Jason wanted to buy it. I was like 'Are you out of your mind?' He was like 'It's on sale, I should get it so that when I need it I'll have it.' What the hell? I was like 'Well, if you're not giving it to me...and let's be honest here, you haven't even proposed proposing to me, then it would just be weird for me to know that you have it and that you haven't proposed yet.' He said 'Yeah, I guess you're right.'

I think I was slightly freaked out by the whole ring thing. I do want to marry Jason some day. Hopefully even some day not too far off. It's just the thought of taking such a big step in my life scares me a little. I suppose that's normal enough, though.

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Did a quick sketch then messed around with it in photoshop a bit. Bleh. I need to stop messin around and actually practice more. Must practice....<<--lacks motivation

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The weather around here has been nasty lately. Cold rain and wind...yuck. Glad I'm stuck inside.

I'm working an 11 hour day tomorrow followed by about 5 hours of sleep before working another 8 or 9 hour day on Saturday. After I get off work on Sat. I'm headed straight for Uncle's party where I plan to get blitzed. Ah, the holidays. At least I have off on Sunday.

So, right now I'm sitting here contemplating how I should spend the last few hours of freedom before I have to go to work tomorrow. Actually I've been doing that since yesterday. Every time I look at the clock I realize it's that much closer til I have to go back to work. That's a healthy attitude, isn't it? <--sarcasm

I watched the first 8 episodes of Witch Hunter Robin yesterday. I liked it. Go goth girl. (woah...alliteration XD)

Sophie, I totally agree, Azu is crack pure and simple. I like the really spacey girl (Osaka!!!), she cracks me up. Oh, and the girl with the cat is hilarious. You'd think she'd stop trying after a while. ^___^ did I know you were going to say that? HENTAI!! *g*

And, I would loooove to swap holiday horror stories with you, eve. I'm sure you got some good ones. ^^;;;

Off to do.....something before I have to work tomorrow.

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Thanks for the get well's, everyone. ^_^ I'm feeling much better. I really think it was just a violent reaction to what I ate for lunch. Damn sub place. Well, I won't be going there again. Hmpf.

Went out last night with Jason. We met up with Care Bear and her boi for dinner, then we all went to the mall. Yay, anime store! C.B. bought a Black Chi keychain so I got a regular Chi keychain. We're such geeks. The guys that work at that store a pretty cool (well, for geeks they're pretty cool. XD) I got something called 'Azumanga Daioh' or something like that. It's.....strange and funny. XD

Finally finished watching Marmalade Boy. Yay for me.

Still have to buy Uncle's present. Don't know when I'll get a chance...I have to work night Friday so I can't shop then. I hate working night. I have to work til eleven (at least because that's when we close) and I have to be there at seven the next morning to open. Gah. I hate Christmas. I really really really do. I hate commercialism. I hate people, the mindless drones that do whatever everyone else does. People, in general, suck. Individually, people are usually ok. Get a bunch of them together and they suck, suck, suck.

Gah. Sorry. I'll be better in Jan. Really, I will.

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*is sick* do I manage to get sick so often?

Left work early. After I ate lunch I immediately felt sick to my stomach and asked my boss if I could leave. My mom came and picked me up to take me home. I love my mom. No matter how old I get, she'll always be my mom. ^_^

I have to go to the craft store tomorrow. I bought these cute stuffed animals at the dollar store for a buck. So I'm going to do surgery on them and make them into backpack purse thingies. Since I have off two days in a row it'll give me something to do. Yay, more projects.

I have to finish my Christmas shopping. My uncle's party is this weekend so I have to get his present. I don't know what to get him. He's so hard to shop for...even though he's really happy with anything. He did hint that he wanted one of those Gene dolls...but that's a little out of my price range. Oh well.

Off to nap again.

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I hate my job. Ok, I don't really hate my job so much as my boss. Well, retail pretty much sucks this time of year anyway. *sigh*

I have to work today. I originally had off but the store manager asked me (just yesterday, by the way) to switch with Nancy because she had a funeral to go to. There went my plans of spending the day with Jason. Fuck.

Jay and I went to dinner last night and then to Best Buy. I almost got into a fight with this snotty little bitch in line ahead of us. We were in line when the lane next to ours opened. I jumped over there. The cashier had already taken the guy from the lane on the other side first so he was in line before us (even though he didn't get to the line ahead of us, the cashier had his merchandise)...which was cool. I jumped back into the other line and then back again in a moment of indecisiveness. Jay was like "Why'd you jump out of line? You lost your spot." thinking that the guy had slipped in front of me (when actually he had been first.) I said to Jay "The cashier already had his stuff and was ringing him up already. Duh." Well, I said 'duh' pretty loud and the guy's girlfriend must have thought I was trying to start something with her. She was like "Excuse me?" And I said to her "Nothing. I was talking to him." *points at Jay* Then she turns and mutters "We were in line *first*." WTF??? Yo Bitch...stay the fuck out of our conversation. Stupid fucking ho. If she'd been eavesdropping on the whole conversation she would have seen that I didn't really give a fuck that they were in line ahead of us and that it wasn't a big fucking deal. What pisses me off is the way she got an attitude. It's bad enough I had to work all day dealing with stupid shitty ass fucking people like that, to have to deal with them when I'm not getting paid to put up with their shit is just pushing things. Got news for you, Don't Fucking Mess With Me. She was bigger than me, but I coulda taken her. (Yeah right). Ah, it felt good to rant, anyway. On the way to the car I told Jay that one of the reasons I won't drive is because if I did I would have followed her out and ran her stupid skank ass over. He just laughed. Maybe I need anger management classes......nah, screw it. Come January, it'll all be good.

This weekend is just not going well. After Best Buy, Jason and I rented a movie and went back to his house to watch it. Then he weirded me out. I will not say how as it officially crosses over into the realm of Too Much Info. Sometimes I wonder what the hell goes through his mind.

Off to get ready for work now. Bleh. Bleh. .....BLEHHHHH!!!

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Hmmm, I'm bored.

Top Ten Movies That I Never Get Sick Of aka Movies That I Have Seen A Billion Times:

10. Interview With a Vampire Woo-hoo! Anne Rice's story combined with Brad Pitt....need I say more? Plus, Kirsten Dunst was such a good Claudia.

9. Tremors *cackles* I don't know why, but I just love this movie. It cracks me up everytime I see it.

8. Pride and Prejudice (the miniseries...I know it's not technically a movie...but screw it, it's going on my list dammit.) Ah, I love this version of P&P. It's my absolute favorite and despite it's length I have seen it many a time. *grin*

7. Ever After Wub it. Of course, I'm a sucker for fairy tales.

6. Emma The one with Gwyneth. Wee....I have a thing for Jane Austen films.

5. The Princess Bride There's just something about this movie that compells me to watch it every time it's on.

4. Empire Records Yay, I love, love, love this movie. Got my brother hooked on it, too. Tee-hee.

3. Hudson Hawk Seriously one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It's quick, though. Gotta keep up with it or you're like 'What the hell is going on?' Or maybe that was just me. XD

2. True Romance Not a dark comedy, but a dark romance. ^^ I love the ending shoot has to be one of the coolest scenes ever.

1. Field of Dreams I will never, ever get sick of this movie. It's probably the movie that I've seen the most times. It just touches me somehow. I like how it's about baseball.....but it's not really about baseball. And the score, by James Horner, is beautiful.

Next Time: Top Ten Movies That Make Me Weep Uncontrolably.

If I were stuck with listening to one band for the rest of my life it would be Led Zeppelin. Their music is varied enough not to become boring...yet it's still so Zeppelin.

If I were stuck with one cd for the rest of my life it would be REM's Out of Time. I love every single song on that cd. The one I like least is Losing My Religion, and that was probably the biggest hit off the album. ^^;;;

If I were stuck with one song for the rest of my life....well, it certainly wouldn't be Tiny Bubbles, that's for sure. XDXD

Back to your regularly scheduled programs.

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Listening to Van Morrison. *sigh* Gotta love Van Morrison.

Still in the midst of Marmalade Boy marathon....why are there so many damn episodes? Bleh. ^_~

Don't feel like working tomorrow. But, that's nothing new.

My Dad was in a really good mood today....which meant he was an awake annoying drunk instead of a passed out on the couch drunk. He kept making "jokes". Ya...why was he the only one laughing at them? Sometimes I wonder. *shakes head*

I keep forgetting to call Stefanie. I really mean to, but it's been so long since we might be awkward. But I think it would be nice to see her again.

Kim stopped by! XD I'm such a geek. ^^;;; Hmmm, luckily I got a pretty easy name....but somehow people STILL manage to screw it up. Go figure.

Meemee...believe me, you're better off not knowing some things....I wish *I* didn't know some things. Trust me. XD

Richard, play nice darling. Or I won't take you into the wonderful world that is Victoria's Secret anymore. Awww, no more drool sorry. XDXD

Damn, what is it with me and XDXD...?

Anne.....wait til you see Krista... Kevin, the brand central manager, came up to me and was like 'Look, I have a new employee!' When I looked my first thought was "What a cute young guy." Then I realized it was Krista....all butched up ala KD Lang. It's soooo short...and not cut in a woman's style. It looks good, though. And she actually would make a cute guy. Damn, am I turning lesbian or what over here? Quick, get me a man, any man. *sweatdrop* Is she...? Just curious. ^_^ By the way, what the hell happened to your blog? Were you trying to change it again? Mou... XDXD

Oh, and Jason was browsing through the Yahoo personals just for kicks and guess who he saw on there? Cyndi. Hehehe. He said she looks so innocent in the picture. Poor saps...little do they know. I told Jason I was gonna pretend to be a guy that's interested in her just to mess around. He told me to be nice. Damn people always trying to ruin my fun.


It's supposed to snow tomorrow night and Thursday....and snow hard. Yay!!!! I hope it snows a lot and they have to close down the store. I have to work night on Thursday and I don't want to. And, yes, Bawlmore pretty much shuts down when we get over five inches. People panic; the stores run out of bread, milk and tp. Neighbors start fights over parking places....general chaos breaks out. People around here get crazy when it snows, hon. lol I just sit back and laugh.

Seriously, it did get majorly cold outside. I had to help unload a truck of quad fixtures that Ben picked up from another store today and my hands were frozen from touching the metal. It was freeeeezing. Brrrrr.

I'm gonna go curl up and watch some more Marmalade Boy.

Bai Bai.

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Gah. Work was blah. Work is always blah.

meemee* Poor innocent dear. You'd be surprised at what kinds of kinky things people are into. Not that I am...I just know far too much about other people's sex lives. (Why do my friends always feel the need to share? I'm like a magnet for gathering strange sex stories. Gah!)

I know what you mean about the name thing. It doesn't bother me so much...(I once let this girl in my class call me Amy a whole semester of college, even though that's not my name. I didn't want to embarrass her for forgetting my name, but then I couldn't just correct her after a while so I just kinda let it be. *sweatdrop*) But I definately know how you feel. I wouldn't want someone that I don't know that well being that familiar with me. If someone knows me well, than it's not as big a deal. But that's just me. ^_^

Hmm, funny name story while I'm on the topic. When I was a senior in highschool there was this junior in our class called Bob. He sat between my friend Nicole and I and we harrassed him constantly. (It was the last class of the day and we were always wound up and restless by then. Plus, we were just plain silly. XD) We used to sing his name all the time. We were always like 'Heeeeeyeeee Bub.' Kinda like the 'Riiiiiicollaaaaaa!' commercial. Yeah, we were pretty strange. Anyway, one day our physics teacher called on Bob....only he called him 'Matt'. Nicole and I looked at each other.

Me: Who the hell is 'Matt'?
Bob: It's me. I'm Matt.
Nicole: No, you're Bob. B-O-B.
Me: Chyeah. Duh.
Bob. No really, that's my name.
Me and Nic: ........
Me: Is Bob your middle name?
Bob: No. I don't have a middle name.
Me and Nic: .......
Me: Oooookaaaay. Why does everyone call you Bob, then?
Bob: Because, back in middle school I transferred in halfway through the semester. No one knew what my name was...someone said I looked like a Bob so everyone started calling me that. Sometimes my parents even call me Bob.
Me and Nic: .........
Me: You've got to be kidding me. ^^;;;

Anyway, that is an absolutely true story. Bob really was the best of sports for putting up with our antics all the time. I wonder what ever happened to him. He was really smart so he probably graduated college and has some really good job now. Hmm. *looks at self* Damn my life. Damn it to hell. Grr. I don't have the motivation to become a success. *sigh* Oh well. ^^;;;

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Saturday was better than to be expected. Work was hell, of course.

I was so wiped out at work. I meant to go to bed early Friday night, really I did. I was actually in bed by 11:30, but then Richard called fifteen minutes later and was all silly hanging out with Darryl (I'm not sure if I spelled it right...ah, well ^^;;;) and of course I started cracking by the time I was finished talking with him I was wide awake again. *gives look* Thanks, by the way. <<--sarcasm

The next morning at work I curled up into a ball on the office floor and using a bedspread as a pillow I tried to catch a few z's. Well, ok, maybe not. I did lay down on the floor and close my eyes, but it was kind of hard to sleep with the sound of everyone's laughter keeping me awake. Gah.

Saturday night was fun. Wee. I hope you guys had fun, Richard. I mean, cuz we didn't really do much but walk around the mall and stuff. Sorry I wasn't much help in scoping for 'hot chicks'. Or, maybe it was just your nerd repellant thingy keeping them away from you's. ^_~

Greg was a whiny bitch, as usual. But then, he's not happy unless he's complaining about something. He already complained to Dawn about how he had to drive over my house when he just wanted to meet us at the mall. Oh well, who gives a shit? Not I.

Somehow my brother ended up hanging out with us. (Who invited him, by the way? I know I sure as hell didn't.) I think he has a thing for you, Richard. lol (psych)

Yesterday was Jason's birthday. I didn't get to see him, though. He had to go to his god daughter's birthday party (why did she have to be born on his birthday? Am I going to have to go through the rest of my life spending my boyfriend's birthday with that little brat? Oh, some of you may be going 'How cruel to call a little five year old girl a brat'...but she is. She is like Satan's spawn or something. She's horribly spoiled and is very manipulative. *nod nod*) Anyway, I was at work while he was at the party so I couldn't go. I was out with my friends by the time he got home. He said it was fine if I wanted to hang out with my friends since I didn't get a chance to do it that often. Yeah, whatever. He's been irritating me lately. *sigh* Is too long of a story. Bleh.

Today I did jack shit and I am extremely proud of the fact. I had a Marmalade Boy marathon all day long, so I am now officially a zombie. (brains...must eat brains...rrrwrow!)

I feel like drawing something. I feel like practicing my cging (since I pretty much suck at it).

I probaly won't though, because I'm in lazy mode right now. ^_~

I don't even know why I bothered getting out of my pj's today.

Oh, and D called me this afternoon. She made some kind of comment about her friend Chuck (whom she is trying to sleep with). Something about how he mentioned that he'd like seeing the two of us girls in bed together. WTF????? She actually seemed disappointed when I told her that it would NEVER EVER happen in this LIFETIME. d00d. I'm not joining your sexcapades; when are you going to realize that? God...I think I'm still in shock.... What the fuck makes her ask me these things as if I'd actually consider doing them? *gag...vomit...spitooie*

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Windows crashed on me Saturday night. I'm so not a happy camper right now. I had to use the system recovery disc and all that. I'm just up and running again. This sucks. I've never had a computer crash before so forgive me if I seem really depressed about it. *cries* All my sims stuff.....wah! I'm feeling so utterly defeated right now. I know it's kharma or some crap working on me for being bad and calling out of work for two days. That'll teach me. Well, on the bright side, at least my 'puter still works. All that stuff I downloaded can always be redownloaded. Well, except for some of it that is no longer available. Damn 'puter.

I'm going back to my wailing now.

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