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I ate too much.....twice. *grin*

Watching the Buffy marathon on FX. I never realized how good Buffy is....I think I'm gonna have to buy the dvd sets. ^___^

Gah. I have to get up in eight hours to go to work. Bleh.

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I love my friends. *grin*

Greg: Where's my bday present by the way
Me: What? Where's mine, bitch?
G: Where is my bday gift?
Me: Where is mine?
G: Yours is at the store waiting for me to buy it, lol
Me: So is yours, lol
G: Damn you...
Me: Damn you, too. lol

By the way, Richard...Greg says you guys are maybe gonna hang out Saturday night? Can I come? Pretty please? I should be able to get off work by 4 at the latest. Oh, and I do have off Sunday. I must have looked at the schedule wrong or something. Damn, I did all that bitching for nothing, lol.

Danny is obsessed with the puppets. He's driving me insane. Every time I get online he sends me video clips of the puppets. Ok, the puppets is some kind of show that he watches in Taiwan that he's in love with. lol

Danny: I made a puppets drama track into a mp3
Me: um, ok
Me: you realize that i can't understand it, right?
D: but its funny
Me: ok, i'll take your word for it.

*a little while later*

D: did you listen?
D: dont you love it?
Me: yeah, i listened to it.
Me:, i don't know what they were saying. lol
Me: but it sounded cool. *sweatdrop*

How do I end up with such silly friends? *grin*

*sigh* D found out what G and I were getting her for Xmas.

Greg: D knows what we got her for Christmas. She was talking about getting a dvd player at walmart tomorrow and I was trying to talk her out of it and she figured it out
Me: Damn you, Greg. You suck.
G: It's not my fault. It's her fault. She was insistent on getting that shitty dvd player at walmart.
Me: Damn her
G: I know. She sucks.
Me: Damn her for ruining her present. So, what did you just say yeah we got her one?
G: I kept telling her how crappy it was and she was like I don't care how crappy it is. It's better than nothing
Me: jeez.
G: I told her she should wait to get a better one and she said why should she wait. Then she was like unless someone got me one for Christmas. I was pissed off.
Me: Man, I'm pissed
G: I know. She said it's my fault. I don't see how it's my fault. She's the one that kept saying she was going to get it tomorrow.
Me: Well, somehow i can't help but think you had something to do with is you were talking about. lol

Ah well. At least she doesn't know the other stuff I got her. Damn her anyway. She's supposed to be on a budget. Why the hell was she wanting to buy a dvd player anyway? was all an elaborate scheme to get Greg to spill the beans. Damn her, she knows how weak he is about keep his mouth shut!


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*sings* "Turkey day, Turkey day, it's a beautiful Turkey day. Oh yeah." lol Points to anyone that knows what song that's from...though I changed the lyrics to 'Turkey'. XD

Tomorrow is that wonderful American holiday Thanksgiving. Yum. I get to eat two thanksgiving dinners. My 'rents are having dinner early at one, and Jason's family is having me over around six. Woo-hoo. Although, really there's only so much turkey I can eat in one day. *sigh*

Sometimes this time of year makes me feel sad, though. It makes me remember the good times that we used to have. I feel so depressed sometimes because things have changed so much.

I used to love Thanksgiving as a kid. We would go over my father's parents' house around lunchtime. They would always have ham with pineapples and my grandma's macaroni and tuna salad (no one makes it like she did.) Sometimes my Uncle Tony (my father's older brother...well, actually half-brother, but no one ever thought of him as that) would come and bring my Aunt Ruth and my cousins. They are all older than us; the youngest, Billy (named after my dad cuz he was born on his birthday) is ten months older than me. We didn't see them much growing up because my uncle was in the army and they moved around a lot. Sometimes I regret not being close to them because there isn't that much of my father's family still living. My father lost his brother Tony to cancer shortly before his mom passed away. Than my popi got cancer about a year after that and also passed away. Now it's just my father and my Uncle Chuck (his younger brother), my cousins and us. And I don't even see my uncle that much anymore even though we are very close; he moved after selling my grandparents house and we hardly ever get the chance to visit with each other. My father hasn't spoken to him since my popi died two years ago. I miss my grandparents a lot. They used to bicker all the time, which always made me laugh. I hope they are somewhere reading this and know how much I loved them.

Later on Thanksgiving night we would go over my mom's parents' house for dinner where we would all exchange names for Christmas presents. My mom has a large family; she is one of eight (seven surviving) children. So, all my aunts and uncles and cousins (cept for my Aunt Dana that moved far away) would come over and we'd have a huge dinner. I remember the house always being full of children. Most of my cousins are about much younger than me (my mom was the second to the oldest) except for D and Scott. D says she feels like she doesn't really fit in with my cousins because of the age difference (she's eight years my senior) but her and I have been best buds forever. My brother and I would run around with our cousins inside of the house getting into mischief of some sort. The adults would play cards. My grandpop would give me ice-cream. The man always had ice-cream in the freezer. Even after my grandpop died (I think I was nine) we still had our Thanksgiving's there. I think some of the spark had went out, though. My grandpop was great to us. He used to have huge parties for every holiday. On Easter he would organize a big egg hunt in his yard and give away prizes. On Independence day (also his birthday) he would shoot off fireworks. My mom and my aunts tell stories about him though....about times when things weren't so nice. My mom said to me once that she thought he was probably being so nice because he wanted to make up for the way he had been to them, and that he knew he was dying and wanted us grandchildren to have good memories of him. I guess it worked, because I don't really have any bad memories associated with him. Anyway, things sorta deteriorated after a while. My grandmom got dementia and they put her in a home after she could no longer care for herself. She withered away like a flower without sunlight. They brought her over my aunt's house for Christmas, her last Christmas. It was horrible. She couldn't even remember who we were. She screamed because she didn't know where she was at. I cried because I remembered how she used to be.

Spending those happy days surrounded by my family made me feel loved. It also made me feel like I was just a part of some bigger thing. I belonged. Now we cook our own turkey dinner, as do my aunts and uncles. I feel like everyone is scattered. We've all grown apart and it makes me sad.

Our turkey day, it's a good meal. But, it isn't like it used to be.

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Gah. I'm soooo tired. I worked on my site a lot yesterday, but I didn't really get much done. I'm not that good at html, but I want to try and do everything on my it will probably be a little while til things are put together. ^^;;;

Work was boring today. All I did all day was work with ladies socks. The sock wall was such a mess, it took me all morning just to straighten it up before I could start moving things around to make room for new product. Gah. Everyone is getting hyper about Friday. I can't wait. I love it when it's busy. There's so much to do. And the product starts selling really fast. Woo-hoo. ....I'm such a loser, lol.

Ok, I'm gonna go lay down now, cuz I feel really tired like I'm gonna fall asleep at any moment.

Bai bai.

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Gah. Been working on moving into my webspace. Eventually my blogs will find thier way there, so I'll let everyone know when so that links can be updated. It may happen as soon as tomorrow if I can figure out a few things. ^^;;;

I was playing with my little car this morning. The cats came over and were freaking out. It was hilarious. I kept chasing
Cheech around with it and he got scared and ran downstairs. Such a coward. XD Rena-beana just kept sniffing it to see if it was something edible. She's such a pig. The only time I ever see that cat is when she wants food, lol. My poor widdle kitty cats. They are getting old now. Cheech (yes, he had a brother named Chong, but the poor widdle kitty died when he was a baby because there was something wrong with his liver. *sniff*) is fifteen this year and Serena is fourteen. That's old for cats. Our old cat, Rocky (his 'real' name was parents are weird, lol), only lived to be sixteen. My parents got him when my mom was pregnant with me so we grew up together. He was the nicest cat we ever had. He used to play fetch. He let you hold him. My mom let him nap with me. I used to dress him up in dolls clothes and pretend he was my baby when I was little (ok, he didn't really like that but he sorta tolerated it.) The cats we have now are mean. They don't like to be held at all. Cheech has mellowed some in his old age, though. Every once in a while he comes and sits on my lap....but then I usually move a little and he takes off. XD

Oh well. Back to work my my stuff. bleh.

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Gah. I hate hate hate my work. Let me splain why. I'm sooo fucking pissed at my store manager. This is fourth quarter, the most important time of the year for retail. Usually no one is allowed to take vacation during fourth quarter. Well, Jeff (the store manager) decides that he's gonna let people take thier vacation because he feels bad that they will lose it if they don't use it. (They had the WHOLE fucking year to use it, but didn't.) So, he let my manager go on vacation for half the month. She was gone for a week, then here for a week then was gone again all last week. She just came back yesterday. I've been running things while she was away; doing job interviews, stocking the floor, doing the schedules....basically everything. Anyway, they had a meeting yesterday, which was my day off so I wasn't there, and Jeff decided that he's making the salaried managers work six days next week to get ready for Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) because it is the biggest shopping day of the year. I am not a salaried manager, I am an hourly lead. I have off three days next week because Thanksgiving is a paid holiday for me. Jeff asked my manager to ask her leads if we would come in on Monday night from 6-11 to help bring up product to the floor so that we will be fully stocked for Friday. I have off Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. I was soooo happy about having two days off in a row. I can't remember when the last time that was. Well, probably a month and a half ago, but I digress. Now I'm obligated to come in Monday night for four lousy fucking hours. If he wouldn't have given my manager off half the fucking month then we could have already been super ready. I've been busting my ass and now I have to bust it some more. It's not fucking fair. I want my fucking day off motherfucker!!!! Fuck it, I might just say fuck it and not go in. Or maybe I'll go in and just say 'Fuck you, Jeff. I fucking quit. Get someone else to be your fucking bitch.' He knows I work hard and the thing about him is that it's always the good people that he can count on that get fucked all the time. I'm really tired of it some days. One of the other managers and one of the other leads and I were joking around saying we all should quit together on Black Friday. You know things are pretty pathetic when half the fucking staff is talking about quitting. Grrrr.


Ok, on to merrier things. My bro and I went shopping. I got the rest of D's presents as well as Jason's. Yay. I also got batteries for the little remote control cars. Hehehe. My bro and I were racing them around in the dining room/kitchen and my dad (who was fairly intoxicated, as usual) was pretending to be Godzilla and trying to stomp on them. Well, all the stomping woke my mother up (why the hell was she in bed so early anyway?) and she came downstairs and yelled at my dad. lol I felt like I was five, instead of twenty-five. ^^;;;

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So tired.

Yay, I have off work tomorrow. Boo, I have to clean my room tomorrow. *looks around* Yeah, it's at that point where I almost can't walk without stepping on something, so it's about time. *sweatdrop* Really, I don't usually let it get this bad. I'm a neat person, and organized as well. It's just that being a manager in retail really is hell this time of year. Ok, so I'm not technically a manager, I'm a supervisor....a lead (equivilant to an assistant manager). Whatever. My manager has been on vacation HALF the freaking month so I've been in charge anyway. It bites, but at least the store manager knows how hard I work (he even complimented me the other day!) so it's sorta worth it. I get to do job interviews now and hire people and that's really fun. Right now we are so desperate that we're pretty much hiring anyone that passes the test and has anytime availibility. Today I hired a woman, she seemed a little slow and she smelled funky, but I really am desperate for people. Oh well.

I was so happy earlier. I bought one of those little mini remote control cars, but got home and realized I don't have any batteries for it. Wah. I have to walk up to the store tomorrow and buy some. Ok, technically Jason bought it for me (I love my boyfriend, he spoils me so, lol). I bought one for my brother cuz I think it will be fun to race them. Or at least they'll probably drive the cats crazy. ^_^

Mild social bloggage:

Richard, I do have off Sunday. I'm just waiting for a call from Care Bear to see if she's gonna hang with us or not. Jason was semi-excited that you wanted him to jam with you guys. Don't ask; he's weird and silly. Let me know whats going on at some point. I work Saturday, but I'll probably be home by six if you wanna give me a call. Yay, Official Band Photographer. That sounds so cool. Can I get a name tag or something that says that? Hello my name is: Official Band Photographer. XD

Anne! *glomps* Oh no, I killed your little guy again! That's ok, I know mouth to mouth. XD

eves, I can't believe I didn't recognize the quote. *hangs head in shame* And I call myself an obsessed freak--er, I mean fan. XD

Oh, and I don't mind that you linked to my blog, meemee. The more the merrier. Join in the wackiness.

Ok, I'm gonna stop now. XD

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Jason wants to buy me this for Christmas. He gets carried away. All I did was mention how I wanted to get an mp3 player and of course he has to pick out an expensive one. Oh well.

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Went shopping. Bought Dee's Christmas present as well as Jason's. I don't have that many gifts left to buy now. Yay!

I'm in a really happy mood despite that I've felt ill all day. I really have to go to the doctor sooner or later for these stomach problems I'm having. Gah.

Jason came over and we watched tv together. It's so nice just being with him sometimes. I like being all cuddly with him; he's like one of my stuffed animals that way. ^_^

Damn, I AM a bloody sap today. XD

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Yay, we got water! Woo-hoo! Man, I don't think I could live properly without running water for too long.

I'm watching VH1's hundred greatest love songs. I'm a sap, what can I say?

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Q. How long can one go without flushing the toilet before it becomes really gross?

Since our water has been cut off (most likely due to a water main break, but since no one has called the water company to find out that's just an assumption on our part based on the fact that the water company has had the end of the street blocked off since all of this began) I'm finding out the answer to this question, and many more. Like, how I take washing my hands for granted. Really. I ate an ice-cream bar earlier and got some on my hands. I was going to just lick it off til I remembered that I haven't washed my hands since visiting the toilet (aka the port-a-pot). This sucks. The water has been out since at least 800 this morning when I woke up. It is now 1120pm. I want the water back, dammit. I want to bathe, I want to wash my hands, I want to brush my teeth, I want to flush the mother fucking toilet.

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I started reconstruction of my website today. Go me. (ok, I put up the 'under construction' page...that's about it. lol) Basically, I'm tearing the whole thing down and rebuilding it. Like I don't have enough projects as it is. ^_^;;;

I have to go and pick up my check from work. It's a nice chunk of change for once. It's only due to the fact that they screwed me out of some sick pay when I was out with pnuemonia a few months ago and now they have to pay me back pay. I saw my check yesterday and my eyes nearly bugged out of my head at the amount. Unfortunately for me, this money comes to me right in time for me to spend it all on Christmas presents. This Sunday is associate night so I'm going shopping for some of my bigger presents then.

Well, gotta run. My ride is here. ^_^

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Well, I got a new layout....and it looks suprisingly similar to the layout of my fic blog. XD Well, at least it's better than what I had up here. I'll get tired of it eventually and change it again anyway so it doesn't really matter.

I didn't accomplish much today.

The ony thing from my list that I did accomplish (other than redoing this blog) was to lay around on my ass. XD

Ah well. The day's not over yet.

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Oh, and I forgot. Don't agree with my brother, Richard. That's just creepy. XD

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*in pain* Sometimes I really detest having been born female. But then I remember the good side of things; women are much more clever than men, and much stronger. ^_^

I took like seven or so pills at work today but I was still in pain. I couldn't feel my feet, but I could still feel sharp little stabbing pains in my abdomen. Ah well, such is life.

I have off work tomorrow and I actually have the house to myself for a change. My mom finally found a job after being unemployed for over a year. She started yesterday. When asked if she liked her new job she replied, "It's alright, I guess. Work is work, and who ever really wants to work?" My sentiments exactly.

List of Things I want to Accomplish Tomorrow:

~start redoing my website.

~work on fics.

~clean room.

~do laundry.

~figure out some kind of new layout for this blog because this one is starting to get really old. XD

~lay around on my ass for at least an hour and enjoy the fact that I am not at work.

*yawns* Guess I'm off to slumberland.

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Gah. I'm soooo tired. Work was busy today due to Veteran's Day. It's always some kind of friggan holiday around here. It must be friggan nice to work for the government, they always have off work.

My brother is so strange. The other day he comes up to my room, knocks on my door and comes in. With no preamble whatsoever he launches into a conversation.

Brother: You know, the more I think about it, the more I think I ought to become a funeral director.

Me: *Blinks* Where the hell did that come from?

Brother: The baby boomers are all getting kind of old now, and there's no recession on death.

Me: You are so strange.

The catalyst for this sudden career intrest soon becomes clear when he starts talking about Six Feet Under. What a moron. Jason likes watching The Soprano's but you don't see him trying to get into the mob. Geez.

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Well, I finally got my fic blog up and running...not that I've really posted anything there yet. ^_^;;;

Next project will be redoing my website. Woo.

Work was busy today. I don't like working on Sunday's because I don't feel like doing anything so I usually fiddle fart around doing nothing and it makes the day go by slow. And, yes I know that was a run-on sentence but I really don't care.

I am tired. I was up late last night watching Cheaters. I love this show.

Well, I'm off to bed before I collapse.


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Been working on a new fic blog. I'm almost happy with it. Oh well, it's not so bad considering my limited knowledge of html. Not that html is that hard, it's just that I'm really lazy and don't feel like learning it real well. ^_^;;;

I'm sooo tired. I went shopping today with Jason. It was fun. I bought Anne Rice's new book and also Anne Bishop's (despite this
person's review of it *grin*. By the way, I hope ya feel better soon. *hugs*) I also bought some new clothes. Yes, some awesome new clothes. Expensive but awesome. Sometimes it's so worth spending the money to get what you want.

Going to sleep now.

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Gah. Soooo tired. Worked eleven and a half hours straight today getting the store ready for the big visit tomorrow. I'm going to sleep now.


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Just because, every once in a while I get into a mood to get down to some disco. Oh yeah. XD

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I had a major migraine earlier. It figures, just when I get a day to sit around and do nothing...BAM. ^_^;;;

But, now I'm better...thanks to many pills. Yay.

I had a good time at the bull roast last night, despite myself. I really didn't want to have a good time, just because I'm a shit like that. But, it was really fun. Jamie brought some jello shooters and by the fifth or six one I really forgot that I was supposed to be miserable. XD

I feel that I justly earned the title of Master of the Chair dance last night. Chair dancing is an art, dammit. XD I don't like dancing so I dance sitting in my chair. J said that he's going to get a special chair for with wheels and hydrolics and stuff so that I'll be able to chair dance really well. XD I'm so lazy. I also have the rare talent to be able to cabbage patch to any song, which everyone got a big kick out of. I was doing it to a slow song, just to be silly...well, by then I had consummed quite a few jello shooters so perhaps that had something to do with my silliness.

There was this old guy there that was just a kick ass dancer. I was really impressed. I was like 'Wow, look at that old guy go, J!' He was like 'Oooh, wow.' lol He was swing dancing and everything! The funny thing is, in my mind I can imagine me dancing like that, but when I actually try to do it my body won't cooperate. So, if I had downed a couple more shooters I probably would have been out there dancing thinking I looked all cool and stuff, but really just embarassing myself. XD

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I am so running on fumes right now. I stayed up til two in the morning watching that Buffy marathon...and was strangely disappointed when it was over. Why strangely? Because I had to be to work at 530am...which means I only got about three hours sleep. And I have the feeling if the marathon hadn't ended then I would have just stayed up all night. I think a lot of it had to do with nerves, though. I couldn't sleep. I was too excited about going in to work today. I wasn't really too hip about getting up that early, though (don't wake me before 8:00, it isn't pretty.) By excited, I mean I was sorta nervous about things going just right. I kept thinking 'Is the floor fully stocked? Do I have enough people staffed to help customers? Will there be enough customers? I hope we sell a lot of stuff.' Yeah, it was pretty much that in my head all night. Well, when my eyes weren't glued to the t.v. at any rate.

Anyway, I went got up at 5:00am ( I almost didn't though. I thought I was dreaming that my alarm went off and that I turned it off in my dream...when I actually really turned it off, lol) I was at work by 5:30. Store opened at 6:00, chaos ensued. From there on out my day pretty much consited of running back and forth from the stockroom to the floor filling up things that were selling down. I went to lunch at 12:30 and it hit me. I almost needed toothpicks to hold my eyelids open. After a little bit I got my second wind and I was back in business. I left work at 4:00, stopped at the bank, and then went home immediately collapsing on my bed. I called my boyfriend, got cleaned up and was on the way to dinner by 5:00. I almost fell asleep in the car but I got a third wind at some point. We had dinner and then stopped at Barnes and Nobles where I ran into my old friend from highschool. (someone remind me later that I have to call stef.) Then we came back to my house and watched 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. I love that movie. ^___^

I have no energy left, and the sad part is I have to get up and be at work by 7:00am tomorrow morning. Gah. Retail sucks this time of year. Well, it pretty much sucks all of the time but especially now. Sometimes it's nice though. A customer was passing me in the store and I nodded a hello and he paused for a moment and said 'Have a very nice Holiday.' It was so sincere and it made me feel happy. Working in retail can be disillusioning this time of year, and I find myself becoming rather cynical at times. I'm glad to know that the holiday spirit still exists. Yay...*yawn*....*thump*....*zzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

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