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Gah. Work's been crazy lately. My boss had her baby and is now out on maternity leave. So now I get to be in charge. Woo. Inventory is right around the corner and the managers are going crazy and freaking out thinking things won't be done on time. They are driving me insane. I've been walking around mumbling to myself a lot a work. I keep telling myself that things will be fine. Somehow things have a way of working themselves out. Yes. I LOVE my job. Sure I do.

Anywho. Saturday I'm going to my family reunion. It's the Marken family reunion. You see, years ago this woman was doing family research and traced her roots all the way back to this guy, Samuel Marken, that was born in Maryland in 1775. Then she traced it forward and put it all in a big book. Every year they have a reunion. So I'm going to meet a bunch of people that I'm distantly related to through one ancestor. It's kind of cool. They have a website somewhere on the web.

I'm starting a new thing on this blog. Every post I'm going to recommend something that I like. It may be a book, an author, an artist, a piece of music, a band, a movie...pretty much anything that strikes my fancy.

TODAY'S RECOMMENDATION: The Oracle Glass by Judith Merkle Riley. This is the first book I ever read by this author and it's what made me become an instant fan. The story takes place in Paris in the seventeenth century. The main character is a young girl with a strange ability to predict the future from seeing visions in a bowl of water. She gets caught up in court intrigues and finds herself in a delicate position. The story manages to show a strong woman character without being overly feminist. It's a wonderfully told story. You can tell a lot of research went into the writing of the book and that's something I respect. Check it out if you get a chance.

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This layout features Inuyasha, the (currently slightly grouchy) character from the series of the same name. Fonts are Velvet and Redensek, brushes are from Nocturna and Brushy. This layout was coded by Sophie for the Inuyasha marathon.

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