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Yay, I have off work tomorrow. Finally I get a chance to relax. Sort of. My mother is bugging the heck out of me. It's almost as if she doen't have anything else to do except get on my nerves. You'd think that after twenty four years of annoying me she'd find a new hobby. Or maybe not. Oh well.

I have once again stayed up way past my bedtime. Funny thing is no matter how late I stay up I keep getting up the same time every morning...and it's early. If I start seeing little bald doctors than I am going to be really whacked out. (By the way, 10 points to anyone who get's that reference.) I've been on a reading frenzy lately. Don't know why but it's all I feel like doing. I try to write but nothing decent comes out; I try to draw but I am not in the mood. Ah well, something will change that eventually.

I am supposed to be thinking of something to do with J tomorrow. I don't know. I feel like going shopping. Spending money is always fun. I need to get some things...and there are some things I don't really need that I just have to have, of course. XD Just don't let me get another pair of Sketchers. I think I'm addicted to buying them. Really. We went to the Sketcher's store in Arundle Mills mall and I asked the girl at the counter if there was a twelve step program. That was after I had surveyed every women's shoe in the store skipping merrily from aisle to aisle finally settling on a pair of sparkly purple sneakers. XD

Anyway, I'm off to read some more.

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I honestly thought that it wasn't that bad in my room. I talked myself into believing that the heat wasn't bothering me. Having just come from the frozen tundra that is J's house I am now reevaluating. I wish my father would put the air back on. Really, is it too much to ask for? I don't think so.

Anyway, work sucks. It always does. Today my boss gave me a look of resentment when I left for the day. I could have sworn I heard her say "I'm going to have to cut your hours." When I said "What?" she replied, "I'm going to have to cut everyone's hours." I think she's mad at me because I'm not helping her do schedules anymore. Well, you know, I really don't give a shit. She is salary, I'm hourly. I don't get paid to do homework. She knew what she was getting into when she took that position. Plus, she gets paid way more than me to do that stuff. I'm tired of shouldering all the responsibility. Some days it takes everything in me just to keep me from walking out of that place. Especially days like today when it's my eighth straight day and I'm bone weary and ready to snap from the pressure. Ah, it feels good to vent. XD

I went to bed late again last night and now I'm paying for it. I just don't feel like wasting my time sleeping. Although, I must say that I really enjoy sleeping, I think there's just a bunch of things I'd rather be doing.

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Just finished watching The Mole 2 with my brother. (I know I said I was tired but I got a sudden jolt of energy after drinking two cans of Mountain Dew Code Red. By the way, I highly recommend the stuff.) My bro and I are inclined to think that the mole is Bill. Yeah, I know I need a life. Oh well. Anyway, I'm going to bed. As soon as I wind down. XD

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Gah. My first post. Woo. Sorry I don't sound excited...I'm just dead tired. At any minute I could pass out only to awaken hours later to find a perfect impression of a keyboard on my forehead. Actually, I'd be more likely to hit my head on my desk and knock myself silly; but that isn't as funny, is it? Actually, if it weren't me, I'd probably find it pretty damn funny indeed.

Planning a trip to Ceder Point with my brother and a good friend. We want to ride the coasters. Ah, the thrill of flying down a hill at a high rate of speed never loses it's luster. XD Anywho, the trip ought to be pretty fun if'n my brother and I manage to make it through the nine hour drive without killing each other.

Gah. Must sleep. Must not stay up late tonight. Must go to bed before midnight.

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Gah. Haven't been feeling well. I'm not sick, exactly. Just feel bummed out for no apparent reason. Maybe I need medication.

Spent the last two days learning HTML coding. It's not as hard as I thought. But I still have a headache over it.

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